Gainesville Daily Register

February 20, 2013

NCTC Regents meeting, Feb.18

Special to the Register

Cooke County — North Central Texas College regents voted to approve Phase II of a distance education equipment upgrade at their regular meeting Monday.

At the May 2012 board meeting, regents approved the purchase of the first of two phases for upgrading distance education equipment. This action resulted in installing new computers for instructional purposes and replacing outdated Tamdberg systems at three campuses.

On Monday, regents approved the purchase of Phase II of equipment that will greatly improve the quality of distance education instruction with clearer images and easy-to-use technology. The total price of the new equipment, along with installation, training and support, is $165,216.

Regents then voted to pay for the new equipment with money saved from a new lease-purchase agreement of the Flower Mound campus at Parker Square. The college stands to save $240,000 from the lease, so funds were available in the 2012-13 budget to pay for the upgrade to distance education equipment.

In other action Monday, regents approved the academic calendar for 2013-14 and approved board meeting dates for the remainder of the 2013 year.

The board also approved election judges and approved the maximum number of election clerks for the May 11, 2013 board election.

Regents also received a report on Spring enrollment numbers. System-wide, enrollment reached 9,385 students, an increase of 0.3 percent from Spring 2012. The Gainesville campus has 2,058 students (increase of 1 percent), Corinth has 5,683 students (decrease of 0.3 percent), Bowie has 494 students (increase of 15.2 percent), Graham has 273 students (decrease of 1.1 percent), Flower Mound has 1,480 students (increase of 14.7 percent), on-line has 3,079 students (increase of 12.9 percent) and dual credit has 1,453 students (decrease of 0.1 percent).