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May 18, 2012

It's a weld off

Special to the Register

Gainesville — Student welders were recognized and awards were handed out at

Wednesday’s Spring 2012 “Weld Off” ceremony at North Central Texas


The recognition ceremony was for students enrolled in the welding

program through NCTC’s Lifelong Learning division. More than 230 welds

were judged by local welding professionals, including Mike Hendsbee of

Spindletop, Derek Campbell of Schad and Pulte and Rodney Fuller from

Forum Technologies.

The contest attracted more than 100 participants, including

open-enrollment, dual credit and agriculture welding students.

Twelve of the competitors were Gainesville Economic Development

Corporation scholarship students in the high school combination

welding program at Gainesville High School.

Kyle Majestic of Denton was named grand champion, while Gainesville

High School junior Grayson Gregory was the reserve champion.

Several other students took home trophies in individual categories.

Fernando Vazquez of Gainesville was named “Top MIG Welder”; Rodrigo

Valazquez of Gainesville was the “Top TIG Steel Welder”; Blake Pierson

of Neward was the “Top TIG Aluminum Welder”; Kyle Majestic was the

“Top Pipe Welder”; Gregory Grayson of Gainesville and Toni Multer of

Flower Mound were the top math students; Kyle Majestic was the top

blueprint student; Gustavo Soto of Gainesville was named “Top Oxy Fuel

Welder”; Blake Pierson was the “Top Flux-Cored Welder”; Fernando

Vazquez was the “Top Shielded Arc Welder”; and Jose Perez, Corey

Richey, Gustavo Soto and Johnathon Saenz (all of Gainesville) were

part of the “Top Multiple Process Team.”

“I am very proud of our students,” NCTC lead welding instructor Kenny

Smith said. “They have come a long way in the time they’ve attended.

These welds show that they are ready for the workforce.”

Representatives from GE Locomotive attended the ceremony to recruit

welders for their plant at Alliance Airport. Lifelong Learning has

received a state grant to train GE Locomotive welders in advanced

techniques.“Lifelong Learning constantly strives to groom students in

the skills needed for success in the workforce, whether that’s through

the Weld Off or asking industry leaders to talk to students about

skill development,” NCTC Dean of Lifelong Learning Djuna Forrester


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