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July 23, 2013

Home Hospice holds 'Remember Me' service

Gainesville Daily Register


Register Staff Writer

“Remember Me” was the theme at the Monday Home Hospice memorial service in which family and friends gathered for a short ceremony to remember those who have been helped by the organization in Cooke County during the past few months.

White balloons that had handwritten messages from surviving family members were released into the air following the memorial service.

During the service poems were read, songs were heard and many survivors spoke of their loved ones so that those attending would know just a little something special about their loved one.

Barbara Pybas shared a story in which she honored her husband Jay Pybas with a natural headstone on his grave.

“He picked out this rather large stone years ago and when he passed, family and friends helped me set it up as his headstone with the Marine Corps plaque affixed to it,” Pybas said.  “I think he would have been pleased and it was good that we came together to do this as a family so that we all would share this memory.”

Hospice chaplain Jarryd Wallace told those that had gathered for the ceremony that he had been privileged to know each of their loved ones and when their names were read during the ceremony he could picture the face and remember the uniqueness of each person.

Wallace spoke of the precious gift of time.

“Time is the most valued gift we have been given and wouldn’t we all like to have just one more day, hour or minute with someone that is no longer here,” he said.

“Memories of times spent together are what carries us through when we are separated from those we love,” he continued. “In sharing their lives and memories, we continue the legacy of who they were for generations to come.”

 As the white balloons drifted away with their heaven bound messages, a participant said, “I don’t know what I would have done without Home Hospice.”