Gainesville Daily Register

May 25, 2013

Blumberg finds calling as reading teacher

By CATHY MOUNCE, Register Staff Writer

Gainesville — At the May 20 Gainesville Independent School District (GISD) board meeting, Callisburg graduate and Edison Elementary School first grade teacher Jamie Blumberg was chosen as the elementary teacher of the month for the GISD. Gainesville High School teacher Melissa Hutchison was named secondary teacher of the month.

Although Blumberg had always wanted to be a teacher, her initial plan was to study kinesiology while attending Grayson County College on a volleyball scholarship.  But after completing her basic course work at North Central Texas College, an early childhood education class sparked an interest in teaching at the elementary level. Soon, Blumberg changed her career goal and decided to become an elementary educator.

Blumberg finished her bachelor of science degree in education at Texas Woman’s University and never looked back. She completed her student teaching at Edison Elementary School, accepted a full time position there and next week will receive a five year award for her tenure at Edison.

Edison principal Sharon Norwood said Blumberg has a knack for helping children learn a very important skill.

“Mrs. Blumberg is a teacher who is skilled at something that few adults can do which is to teach a child to read. To learn to read really is rocket science. I know many great educators, but I know very few who have the skill set to teach children how to read.”

Norwood continued, “It is difficult to put into words the things that make Mrs. Blumberg stand out.  It is not one big thing that makes her a great teacher, it is 1,000 little things that she does without seeking recognition. She is committed to helping students be successful, in her classroom and in life.”

Blumberg said that her students love to learn and champion each other with encouragement.

“We work as a team and when one of us reaches a personal best, we all celebrate.” she said.

 Hands on learning is another way that Blumberg improves her own teaching skills.

“My students were having some difficulties in reading a book about making ice cream,” she said. “I told them that when they could read it, the class would be able to make the ice cream.”

The students got to work and soon solved the problem.

“They read the directions and made the homemade ice cream,” Blumberg said. “They were so proud and I know they will always remember what they learned.”

Blumberg said she thinks being an elementary teacher is her passion and that it is the perfect job for her.

“When I was little I always played school so I guess it was in my nature all the time,” she said. “My volleyball coach at Callisburg was Mrs. Anderle and she encouraged me to continue my teaching aspirations. I love making a difference in the lives of my students and I want them to know that what they are learning today can take them anywhere they choose to go in life.”

A story about GISD secondary teacher of the month Melissa Hutchison is planned for Tuesday’s edition of the Register.