Gainesville Daily Register

October 28, 2013

Fall festival brings funds for students

Staff Report

Gainesville — By CATHY MOUNCE

Register Staff Writer

Raising $5311 for student activities, the Walnut Bend Parent, Teacher and Children organization (PTC) successfully sponsored the annual Walnut Bend Fall Festival Friday evening from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the local school campus. The Walnut Bend school gym was filled with costumed children and teachers with parents joining in the fun.

“The money raised goes directly toward the students,” superintendent Matt Davenport said. “Each year, every student at Walnut Bend ISD is given a new Walnut Bend T-shirt.”

 “The PTC also pays for field trips which in the past have included trips to Gatti Town in Frisco, a Texas Rangers game, Medieval Times and pay for lunches for school sponsored field trips,” he continued. “The PTC also helps with expenses for the annual field day.”

 Wearing a top hat, costume contest winner was six year old Racin Terrell who was dressed as the Wizard from “The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz.”

The silent auction raised $446, the drawing give-a-way ticket sales raised $2300, the live auction raised $2125 and the game and concessions raised $440.

The Walnut Bend PTC would like to thank sponsors for the event including Applebees, Chili’s, Gainesville Sonic, Taco Casa, The Fried Pie Co. High Point Dog Food from Smith Feed, Great American Car Wash, Barthold Tire, IHOP, Pass Time Fabrics, the Hess family, the Buckaloo family, Vine & Branches, Pizza Hut, Steppin’ Out, Glenn Polk Auto, D Max Theater, Hungry Hippo, Scivally’s, Dry Clean Super Center, Lazart, Hunter’s Tunnel Express Car Wash, Cici’s Pizza, Mom’s Donut Shop, the Roundtree family,  Holder Electric,  I love Nail & Spa, the Saucedo Family, Wal-Mart gift certificates and other families donating additional items and gift certificates.