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Saturday, in addition to the constitutional amendment election, several cities and schoolboards hosted elections. Here are the results that were available at presstime:

Constitutional Amendment

In Gainesville the constitutional amendment passed by a wide margin. The early voting came in at 585 total with 556 in favor of the amendment and 29 against it. The total of the 29 precincts including early voting was 1831 in favor of the amendment and 261 against.

In the only statewide item on the ballot, 88 percent of voters statewide were leaning in favor of a constitutional amendment to provide property tax relief for elderly Texans, according to the Associated Press. The amendment was necessary to get around a freeze on tax rates for the elderly and disabled and allow them to enjoy the rate cut that all other homeonwers got in a recent tax relief package.

Era ISD bond election

District wide school bond to provide $2,110,000 for the schools passed by 128 to 74.

Gainesville ISD

The Gainesville High School Board of Trustees race between incumbent Penni Nichols and challenger Frank Lorne for Place 6 found Nichols received 271 votes and Lorne got 199 votes.

Lindsay ISD

Two at-large positions are open. Candidates include incumbent Jill Fuhrmann and challengers Jim Ott, Ed Burrows and Herb Price. Jody Henry chose not to run again. Fuhrmann and Burrows won the positions with 90 and 82 votes respectively. The voting tally was 64 for Ott and 36 for Price.

Callisburg ISD

Three three-year terms and one unexpired one-year term are up. Candidates for the three three-year terms include incumbents Randal Reed, Connie Walker, Brad Williams and newcomers Jeff Tinney and Joel Eldredge. Candidates for the one-year term include Missy Stubblefield and Jason Paxton. Reed Walker and Williams were elected with 166, 191 and 214 votes respectively. Tinney trailed with 132 and Eldredge followed with 129 votes. Paxton was victorious with 194 votes to Stubblefield’s 125.

Callisburg City Council

Two council places, one at-large position and the office of mayor are up for election. Candidates for mayor include include Johnny Barnes, Brian Rike and Frances West. Candidates for City Council include Richard Carlile, Mike Perryman, Darryl Russell and Debby Davis.

West won the popular vote for mayor with 55 votes and Davis and Perryman sealed the council seats with 59 votes and 57 votes respectively. In the mayoral race Barnes received 53 votes and Rike got 5

Carlile got 47 votes to Russels 42 in the pursuit of council seats.

City of Valley View

Candidates for mayor include incumbent Carl Kemplin and challenger Sissy Offord. Board of Alderman candidates are unopposed, including Glenn Lance and Ben Thurman. Kemplin won the count with 58 votes. Offord, with 44 votes, said she would ask for a recount. She said, “It’s still time for a change and change will come one way or another. The citizens are not happy. I feel like if people had gotten out and voted I would have won.” Kemplin could not be reached for comment. Lance received 78 votes and Thurman received 62 votes.

The following entities hosted no elections:

The elections were canceled as candidates are unopposed for the offices of: Gainesville Mayor and City Council, Lindsay City Council, Muenster Mayor and City Council, Valley View ISD Board of Trustees, Gainesville Hospital District Governing Board and Muenster Hospital District Board of Directors.

Due to a recent law from the previous legislative session that moves school board elections to the date of the nearest municipal election. If there is not a municipal government within the borders, the law requires the election to be held in November. Era ISD, Sivells Bend ISD and Walnut Bend ISD will have their school board elections in November.

The following could not be reached for totals: Muenster ISD

Two positions are up for election. Candidates include Leon Klement, incumbent, and Neil Flusche for Place 1 and Ben Bindel and Mel Walterscheid for Place 2. Current trustee Wanda Flusche decided not to run.

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