Ballot boxes delivered

After the Cooke County polls closed at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, election judges brought the ballot boxes and election materials to the old county jail on Pecan Street for the votes to be counted. Pictured is Election Judge Bill Black bringing in the ballot box for voters in Precinct 15.

Photo by Pamela Robinson
Gainesville Daily Register

Voters decided on federal, state and county representatives during Tuesday’s general election. In Cooke County, polls were open at locations from 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. in approximately 19 locations for approximately 25 precincts.

The population of Cooke County is approximately 30,000 people and approximately 23,381 are registered voters, according to Cooke County Clerk Rebecca Lawson.

According to numbers provided by the Cooke County Clerk’s Office, a total of 9,332 residents in Cooke County voted in the election. The total number of voters show that approximately 39.16 percent of registered voters cast their ballots during the election.

On Tuesday, 6,207 voters cast their ballots at the polls in Cooke County.

The total number of early voters in Cooke County was 3,125, according to Lawson, which is approximately 13.91 percent of the county. Mail-in and military ballots are included in the early voting totals.

Election results are as follows:

On the federal level, North Texas voters in District 26 reelected incumbent Michael Burgess (R) as the United States Representative for District 26.

Cooke County numbers for Republican Michael C. Burgess show he received 4,874 votes. Democrat Neil Durance received 968 votes and Libertarian Mark Boler received 125 votes.

Cooke County voters also decided to send incumbent Mac Thornberry (R) back to the House of Representatives as the United States Representative for District 13.

In Cooke County, voters came to the polls and cast 2,692 votes for Thornberry, 123 votes for Libertarian John T. Burwell, Jr. and 154 votes for Independent Keith Dyer.

On the state level, Texans voted to retain incumbent Rick Perry (R) as Governor.

On the local level, voters at the polls cast 6,261 votes for Perry, 2,573 for Democrat Bill White, 300 for Libertarian Kathie Glass, 52 votes for Green Party Deb Shafto and 40 votes for write-in candidates.

Texans voted to retain incumbent David Dewhurst (R) in office as Lieutenant Governor.

Cooke County voters cast their votes for Lietenant Governor as follows: Dewhurst received 7,491 votes, Democrat Linda Chavez-Thompson received 1,398 votes, Libertarian Scott Jameson received 241 votes and Green Party Herb Gonzales, Jr. received 35 votes.

On the state level, incumbent Greg Abbott (R) was reelected as Attorney General.

Local voters gave Abbott 7,528 votes, Democrat Barbara Ann Radnofsky 1,408 votes and Libertarian Jon Roland won 221 votes.

Election results showed incumbent Susan Combs (R) will serve another term as Comptroller of Public Accounts .

From Cooke County voters, Combs took in 7,572 votes, Libertarian Mary J. Ruwart took in 515 votes and Green Edward Lindsay took in 213 votes.

The Commissioner of the General Land Office was determined to be incumbent Jerry Patterson (R). Jerry Patterson received 7,301 votes from Cooke County voters. Democrat Hector Uribe received 1,378 votes and Libertarian James L. Holdar received 317 votes.

Election results showed incumbent Todd Staples (R) won the office of Commissioner of Agriculture.

Here in Cooke County, residents cast 7,139 votes for Staples, 1,551 votes for Democrat Hank Gilbert and 326 votes for Libertarian Rick Donaldson.

The Railroad Commissioner was determined by voters to be David Porter (R).

From local voters Porter received 7,032 votes, Democrat Jeff Weems received 1,578 votes, Libertarian Roger Gary received 284 votes and Green Art Browning received 105 votes.

Texas voters gave Debra Lehrmann (R) the office of Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3.

Lehrmann won 7,063 votes from Cooke County voters, Democrat Jim Sharp won 1,632 votes and Libertarian William Bryan Strange, III won 259 votes.

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5 will be filled by Paul Green (R) .

Voters in Cooke County cast their ballots for the office with 7,129 votes going to Green, 1,552 votes going to Democrat Bill Moody and 304 votes going to Libertarian Tom Oxford.

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9 was decided to be Eva Guzman (R).

On the local level Guzman took in 7,032 votes, Democrat Blake Bailey took in 1,530 votes and Libertarian Jack Armstrong took in 406 votes.

The office of Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2, will be filled by Lawrence “Larry” Meyers (R).

Voters in the county cast 7,405 votes for Meyers and 782 votes for Libertarian J. Randell Stevens.

Voters determined that the Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5 will be held by Cheryl Johnson (R).

Johnson received 7,393 votes from the local community and Libertarian Dave Howard received 787 votes.

The office of Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6 will be filled by Michael E. Keasler (R).

Keasler received 7,075 votes from Cooke County voters, Democrat Keith Hampton received 1,547 votes and Libertarian Robert Ravee Virasin received 288 votes.

Voters determined that Republican Richard L. (Rick) Hardcastle will serve as State Representative for District 68. Hardcastle received 7,805 votes in Cooke County and was uncontested in this race.

Republican Terrie Livingston will serve as Chief Justice for the 2nd Court of Appeals District for an unexpired term and received 7,620 local votes.

Republican Anne Gardner will serve as Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Place 3 and was uncontested in this race. She received 7,602 votes from Cooke County voters.

Republican Lee Gabriel will serve as Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Place 7 for an unexpired term. Gabriel received 7,612 votes from Cooke County voters.

On the county level, Cooke County voters cast ballots for the county offices. All offices were non-contested, as voters decided on contested candidates in the primary election.

County officers on the Nov. 2 ballot and elected to office were:

County Judge John O. Roane (R) with 7,940 votes, Judge, County Court at Law John H. Morris (R) with 7,773 votes, District Clerk Susan Hughes (R) with 7,798 votes, County Clerk Rebecca Lawson (R) with 7,797 votes, County Treasurer Judy Hunter (D) with 3,949 votes, County Surveyor Delbert West (D) with 3,931 votes, Justice of the Peace Precinct No. 1 Dorthy Lewis (R) with 4,999 votes, Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 Jason Brinkley (R) with 2,812 votes, Commissioner Precinct 2 B. C. Lemons (R) with 2,706 votes and Commissioner Precinct 4 Leon Klement (R) with 1,630 votes.

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