Smoking issue addressed

Whether the North Central Texas College Gainesville campus should become a smoke free/tobacco free campus was addressed during the board of regents meeting Monday evening. The motion to make the campus smoke free/tobacco-free failed as board members voted 3-2-2. Pictured is student Shelby Fraser (left) who addressed the board regarding the issue, Board of Regents Secretary Ken Coolen and NCTC President Dr. Eddie Hadlock.

Photo by Pamela Robinson
Gainesville Daily Register

The Board of Regents of the North Central Texas Community College District voted on whether to make the Gainesville campus smoke free/tobacco free during the Monday evening regular meeting.

Following some discussion a motion was made to change the Gainesville campus to a smoke free/tobacco free campus, but the motion failed with board members voting 3-2-2. Board members voting against the motion were Vice Chair David Flusche and Secretary Ken Coolen and abstaining were Board Chair Bill Ledbetter and Lynn Williams.

Prior to the vote the board heard from student Shelby Fraser, who distributed a “Proposal for a Smoke Free Campus” and told board members why the Gainesville campus should become a smoke free campus. Fraser also brought a petition signed by 232 people in support of a smoking ban.

Fraser showed several photos of smokers on the Gainesville campus not adhering to the “No Smoking Within 50 feet” from an entrance policy, and stated what she and supporters of the ban see as problems for non-smokers.

Another student, who defined herself as a smoker, also addressed the board and told them that if there is a smoking ban, students will somehow “deal with it.”

The discussion preceding and following the vote included whether a campus ban on smoking would work because the “No Smoking Within 50 Feet” from an entrance and “No Smoking Beyond This Point” signage posted now is not being respected and observed by smokers, and is not being enforced on campus.

Discussion also included whether non-smokers, or anyone, should enforce their will on someone else, and the continual complaints received from campuses regarding smokers smoking at the entrances of buildings.

Members of the board continued to discuss the smoke free/tobacco free issue until Board Chair Bill Ledbetter noted the item can be revisited at any time but for now, “its over” because the vote was taken and the agenda item was not approved.

The agenda packet distributed to the board, which can be accessed on-line at the college’s website, included a backup document regarding the “smoke-free/tobacco-free campus” agenda item.

“At this time the administration does not have a recommendation, but the issue is being studied. It is anticipated that, within the next couple of months or so, the administration will have a recommendation that will include an implementation schedule. In addition, the recommended prohibition may be expanded to include all tobacco products, not just cigarettes...,” the document reads.

The backup document also stated “the administrative staff will be attending the webinar — ‘Be Tobacco-Free: Enforce Your Campus Policy, Gain Buy-In’ as part of our research to develop this as a recommendation.”

Board members agreed to place the smoke-free/tobacco-free campus item on the agenda for the next board meeting to continue the discussion.

During the meeting board members reviewed the Bond Survey Results.

Mike Stevens of Action Data addressed the board of regents after distributing the publication of his findings from the survey. See Thursday’s edition of the Register for details of the report.

NCTC Dean of Administrative Services Dr. Steve Broyles reported on the Facilities Master Plans for the Corinth Campus and Gainesville Campus and then introduced Architect Terry Hoyle of the SHW Group Inc. who reviewed the plans and options with the board.

Hoyle covered the options for the 2011-2020 Facility Master Plan for the Corinth Campus. The report was the initial review of the 2011-2020 Facility Master Plan for the Corinth campus by the board.

Hoyle also reviewed the 2011-2015 Facility Master Plan for the Gainesville Campus, which was briefed to the board about six months ago and has continued to undergo revision.

NCTC goes through the reaffirmation process for accreditation by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) every ten years and is working to gather documentation and “writing narratives” to submit with the compliance certification report. One of the requirements for the college is the submission of its Facilities Master Plans.

The updated Facility Master Plans will be presented to the board for final approval at the Dec. 10 board meeting. The approved plans will be included in the reaffirmation report to SACSCOC.

The Vice President of Financial Services Janie Neighbors addressed the board regarding the “Amended Budget 2009-2010.” Members of the board approved the amended budget.

During the meeting the board received updates from Vice President of Instruction LeeAnn Nutt on the “Go For It! Grants” and Vice President of Advancement Debbie Sharp on the 2009-2010 NCTC Strategic Plan Accomplishments.

Board members considered the type of construction for a new Cosmetology facility on the Gainesville campus during the meeting and then voted to move forward with the steel building instead of the modular building.

NCTC Dean of Administrative Services Dr. Steve Broyles addressed the board about the need for an improved Cosmetology building. Broyles said the present facility is proving unsatisfactory for faculty and students who face daily frustrations including too few sinks, drainage problems and insufficient electrical power.

Ledbetter asked if maybe the Cosmetology project, along with the bond, might be too much to take on right now.

Broyles noted that the new facility for Cosmetology would be funded by board reserves, and the project will not move forward (financial decisions determined) “until the bond has been addressed.” Meanwhile, the design and planning of the steel building will move forward.

Sr. Director of Campus Operations Robbie Baugh addressed the board for consideration of awarding a contract for custodial services on the Corinth Campus to the Speedy Janitorial Service which brought in the lowest bid. Members of the board asked owner Calvin Dial about the services Speedy Janitorial Service could provide with such a low contract amount. After hearing Dial, members of the board voted to approve the contract with Speedy Janitorial Service.

Baugh then recommended the board approve the “option to renew” the contract with AHI Facility Services, Inc. for custodial services on the Gainesville campus. Following discussion members of the board approved the renewal of the contract.

During the meeting members of the board scheduled the December board meeting for 4 p.m. on Dec. 10.

Members of the board reviewed the proposed revisions to update the NCTC Board Local Policies, made some additional changes to some of the revisions and then voted to approve the first reading.

The proposed revisions for the NCTC Board Local Policies are necessary to reflect changes needed to meet the college’s upcoming SACS accreditation process. The policies revised were BFA (Local)-College President, Qualifications and Duties; CAM (Local)-Appropriations and Revenue Sources, Grants, Funds, Donations from Private Sources; CGA (Local)-Safety Programs, Inspections; CIB (Local)-Equipment and Supplies Management Disposal of Property; CM (Local)-Facilities Construction; DGB (Local)-Employee Right and Privileges, Personnel-Management Relations; DI (Local)-Assignments and Schedules; DOA (Local)-Employee Welfare Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation; EE (Local)-Curriculum Development; FKA (Local)-Student Activities, Student Publications.

During the meeting the board considered personnel and approved the positions of Director of Grants at the Gainesville campus and Director of the Flower Mound campus. The board also accepted the resignation of Instructor Karen Davenport.

NCTC President Dr. Eddie Hadlock updated the board on the December graduation which is at 6 p.m. on Dec. 10.

Hadlock reported on the Environmental Protection Agency Team Peer Audit. The representatives will be at the campus Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and the audit will be completed by Thursday.

During the President’s report members of the board voted to approve the External Funding Quarterly Report.

 Members of the board approved the minutes of the Oct. 18 meeting.

All members of the board of regents were present at the meeting.

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