A 60-year-old resident of Gainesville’s River Valley Health and Rehabilitation Center told police he’s had at least $1,000 stolen from him during the last week, however staff members can’t be sure whether the man actually had the money in the first place.

Director Lydia Eustace said Friday that the resident who filed three reports with police concerning missing money has been known to suffer from delusions.

As of last week, the resident has alleged that a money order, $108 cash and $873 cash were taken from a small bag kept on the handle of his wheelchair. Eustace noted the man hasn’t made any accusations as to who took the money.

“The only one that could be a fact was the money order,” she said.

Although Eustace did recall one incident in which the man had given someone money, asking for a few items from the grocery store. Eustace said the man later accused the person of keeping his change, however she said a witness was present when the money was returned.

“We don’t know if he did or if he’s delusional,” she said about the man having that much cash handy.

When police arrived to investigate the potential theft, Eustace said the resident asked an officer what one would have to do to become a police officer. After an explanation, the man told the officer he didn’t have to do any of that because he was already a US Marshal.

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