Gainesville Daily Register

May 20, 2011

Sacred Heart duo excels both in and out of classroom

By Heather Pilkington, Register Staff Writer
Gainesville Daily Register

Muenster — Sacred Heart High School valedictorian Taylor Reiter and salutatorian Rebekah Hesse spent their four years combining extensive extracurricular activities with classwork.

Through this, they achieved two of the highest academic honors high school students can reach.

Reiter’s future plans are to attend the University of North Texas and pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing and then continue to a pre-physican program at the University of North Texas at Dallas.

“I also plan on spending as much time with my friends this summer before we all go to different schools, while working as a lifeguard,” she said.

Reiter says the key to her success has been to take good notes. Because without them, there is nothing to study.

As for the title of valedictorian, Reiter said she feels honored and lucky.

“It’s just kind of nice to see that all that studying paid off,” she said.

Hesse’s future plans include not only attending Midwestern State University to obtain a degree related to physical therapy, but also going to the African Congo on a two-month mission trip.

“I have a great aunt that is a nun and she has spent over 30 years of her life in Africa doing mission work,” Hesse said. “She told my dad she was going and I had always wanted to go on a mission trip. So I asked if I could go. We are leaving on June 6, and first we are going to visit Brussels where the main convent is then (we are) going to the Congo to build a school and spend time with the orphans. Our plan is to get back at the beginning of August.”

Heavy extracurricular involvement has been important to both ladies.

They were on the cross country team, the basketball team and the track team — as well as the National Honor Society and Keep Muenster Beautiful. Reiter added she was a member of the dance team and student council. Hesse also cited her participation in softball, cheerleading and the letterman’s club.

Still, Hesse attributes her own success to prioritization.

“I know it can be really hard to always study if you’re involved in a lot of stuff like basketball and other after school activities,” she said. “But you need to prioritize, making time to study. And always get your homework done.”