Gainesville Daily Register

March 9, 2013

Lindsay, Valley View cancel municipal elections

By GREG RUSSELL, Register Staff Writer

Lindsay, Valley View — City elections in Valley View and Lindsay are set for cancellation due to unopposed candidates.

“It’s a large lack of opponents,” Valley View City Secretary Mary Hakze said Friday.

School elections for the Valley View and Lindsay independent school districts remain as scheduled. But official municipal election cancellations are scheduled to be voted on during regular council meetings this week in both cities.

“We do certification for the unopposed candidates and an order for cancellation before it becomes final, and that’s election law,” Hakze said.

Following that procedure, Valley View mayoral candidate Glenn Lance will be elected automatically on May 11. Unopposed city aldermen candidates J.D. Roane, Donald Bryant and Carl Kemplin — who currently serves as mayor — will take those positions, with Roane taking the place of Lance Kirkpatrick, who reportedly chose not to run for another term.

In Lindsay, city council incumbents Robert Sharp and Jeff Neu will reassume those spots and a position now occupied by Jeff Arendt will be taken in May.

The alderman candidate for that position has not been announced.

Hakze also said the cost of running a city election in Valley View has recently been just more than $1,200, with expenses including ballot printing and salaries for clerks, judges and their alternates.

A cancellation of those formalities will save the city a tidy sum.

“The election is the most important thing,” she said. “But if they don’t have to spend it on the election, they’ll either just roll it over to next year’s expense or find something else to use that money on.”