Gainesville Daily Register

April 1, 2013

Lindsay debate team prepares for nationals

By CATHY MOUNCE, Register Staff Writer

Lindsay — LINDSAY — Lindsay High School seniors Jay Porter and Jacob Kessler will be continuing their debate success this June when they travel to Birmingham, Ala. for the National Forensic League (NFL) national competition.

After successfully competing at the NFL District meet in Melissa in February, the two finished in the top two overall.

Lindsay is a 1A school but being from a smaller school does not intimidate Porter or Kessler.

 “We successfully beat two national qualifiers from last year that were from a 4A and 5A school in the Dallas area,” Porter said.

The two hope to make it into the top 60 at Birmingham.

“We are guaranteed to go six rounds at nationals, and with 338 other teams there from across the United States, to finish in the top 60 would be amazing for a 1A school,” Kessler said.

This year’s debate question centers on“Transportation Infrastructure.”

Porter and Kessler are adamant about team work not only with each other but other Texas schools.

Unless two Texas schools reach the finals at Birmingham, they will not have to compete against fellow Texans.

“We are working together with teams from Whitehouse and Chapel Hill in Tyler and of course Gainesville to give us all the best chance to go as high as possible,” Porter said.

After graduation Kessler plans to enlist in the Navy to be a nuclear technician. Porter hopes to debate for Baylor University.

Porter and Kessler aren’t the only two Cooke County students headed for the NFL competition in Birmingham.

Gainesville seniors Conner Markle and Ty Hayes are also set to compete in the National Championship Tournament.

The two students were featured in a March 1 Register story.