Incredible damage

Jerry WIlliams' family inspects damage done to his pickup following an accident with a train around 4 a.m. Monday

VALLEY VIEW — Nobody is certain exactly what happened to Jerry Williams in the early hours of Monday morning near the railroad crossing at FM 922 in Valley View.

What is known about the accident that sent Williams, 41, formerly of Sanger, now an Abilene resident, to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth is that his tan Ford Ranger somehow collided with a Burlington Northern Santa Fe locomotive near the tracks that morning.

Joe Faust, director of public affairs for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, said the accident did not occur on the railroad crossing.

The northbound train was headed from Alliance to Gainesville when the accident occurred.

Williams remains in the hospital and his condition is listed as stable. According to his wife, Lynn Williams, Jerry Williams was in the driver seat of his pickup around 4 a.m. Monday morning when his truck was struck by a train near the railroad crossing at FM 922.

Williams’ wife Lynn said in a telephone interview Tuesday that she is not certain the exact circumstances of her husband’s accident or if, as some accounts state, there was another person in the pickup that morning.

She has not been able to talk to her husband. She said he is being kept under sedation until doctors believe he is ready for surgery for some of his injuries.

“The doctors say he may not ever remember what happened. He is not able to talk yet. They’re keeping him asleep,” she explained.

Williams said her husband sustained thoracic spine injuries and a broken leg — but no damage to internal organs.

Aside from some debris in the grassy areas below the train tracks, the site where the truck and train collided seems unscathed.

A Valley View resident who said she had heard about the accident and wanted to check it out noted that signs of damage at the site are not obvious.

“My husband crossed over the tracks and noticed the crossing gate is not broken,” she remarked.

Other residents say they’ve heard rumors about the unusual accident, but no one seems to have seen anything.

A quick walk around the crossing, east of the Interstate 35 overpass above FM 922, revealed virtually no damage.

Williams said her husband is “very lucky” to have survived the accident without more horrific injuries. She said she does not know who the other person in her husband’s pickup was that morning, but she does believe someone powerful was looking out for him that day.

“I’ve even thought the other person in the truck could’ve been a guardian angel,” she said.

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