Brown bag book review

North Central Texas College professor Gabrielle Fletcher, left, and NCTC honors student Miranda Kaylor are busy researching and compiling notes for their upcoming book review of Jaye Wells’ “Red-Headed Stepchild” March 25 at the NCTC Library Lyceum.

A brown bag book review of Jaye Wells’ “Red-Headed Stepchild” is set for March 25 with Professor Gabrielle Fletcher and honors student Miranda Kaylor hosting the event in the NCTC Library Lyceum at 12:30.

The presentation by Kaylor is part of her honors project as a member of the North Central Texas college (NCTC) Honors program.

“Miranda will be assisting on the book review as part of her project,” Fletcher said.  “She is a member of our second semester composition II class and a second year student from Valley View.”

“My plans are to go into nursing,” Kaylor said. “However, I really love literature and perhaps one day I can pursue writing.”

“I have texted Mrs. Wells and am really getting to know her,” Kaylor said. “She has a very interesting style using lots of symbolism, folklore and illusions in her work.”

“She has really sparked in me an interest for her books,” Kaylor said.

Wells’ home page states the best-selling author  writes about urban fantasy and speculative crime fiction. Cultivating an interest in reading from a young age, Wells now lives in the Dallas Metroplex area.

 “Jaye Wells will be the featured speaker at the creative writing awards ceremony April 10 at NCTC.” Fletcher said. “We are looking forward to welcoming her to NCTC and the Gainesville area.”

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