Pictured is the entire Callisburg Middle School Academic Team, who brought another district UIL Championship home to Callisburg after the district meet in Pottsboro recently.

The Callisburg Middle School (CMS) academic team won the University Interscholastic League (UIL) District Championship a for the second year in a row, when they competed in Pottsboro recently.

“The students and coaches continued there the success that CMS found last year and repeated their 2011 performance with another championship in 2012,” Middle School principal Josh Ballinger said. “Callisburg’s sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders scored a total of 816.3 points to win over second place Pottsboro who scored 496.3 points.”

Ballinger added that the Middle School One Act Play competed in Pottsboro on Feb. 7 to wrap of the entire UIL competition.

CMS students who placed include:

• Sixth-grade maps, graphs and charts —Caroline Dabro placed second.

• Sixth-grade music memory — Katielyn Miller placed second and Caitlin Tuberville placed sixth. The entire team comprised of Miller, Tuberville, Wyatt Luton, placed second overall.

• Sixth-grade listening — Caleb Ford placed fifth.

• Sixth-grade spelling — Aubrey Rogers placed first, Dominic Ladatto placed second, and Breanna Matherly placed sixth. The team took first place overall.

• Sixth-grade dictionary skills — Katielyn Miller placed second, Desiree Baker placed fourth, and Aubrey Rogers placed sixth. As a team Miller, Baker and Rogers received first place.

• Sixth-grade number sense — Katielyn Miller placed second. Miller and her teammates Paeden Blankenship and Jaquez DeAnda placed third overall.

• Sixth-grade calculator — Katlyn West placed first and Paeden Blankenship placed fifth. West, Blankenship and Skyler Dickerson finished the competition in second place.

• Sixth-grade ready writing — Sam Lewis placed first and Katlyn West placed sixth.

• Sixth-grade social studies — Katlyn West placed fourth.

• Sixth-grade oral reading — Skyler Dickerson placed second.

• Sixth-grade math — Preston Duke, Zachary Kennedy and Brandon Hutson placed third as a team.

• Sixth-grade one act play —Caleb Ford received the award for All Star Cast.

• Seventh-grade art — Halie Olson placed second, Demi Wilson placed fourth, and Callie Storms placed fifth. The team placed first overall.

• Seventh-grade calculator — Topanga Rohrer received first place, Callie Storms placed second. The two with the addition of Christian Hernandez took first place.

• Seventh-grade modern oratory — Hunter Noller placed third, Carlee Eldredge placed third and Zachary Glenn placed fourth.

• Seventh-grade spelling —Carlee Eldredge placed first, Courtney Baldwin placed second, and Parker Huddleston place fifth. The team took first.

• Seventh-grade oral reading — Chelsea White placed fourth and Hunter Noller placed sixth.

• Seventh-grade math – Callie Storms placed fourth and Daniel Baker placed fifth. The team made up of Storms, Baker, and Christian Hernandez received first place.

• Seventh-grade social studies — Carlee Eldredge placed first. The team made up of Eldredge, Abbie Eberthart and Ian Enderby placed first.

• Seventh-grade ready writing — Hunter Nollar placed third and Carlee Eldredge placed fourth.

• Seventh-grade one act play — Hayden Baucum and Chelsea White both received hon. mention.

• Seventh-grade editorial writing — Callie Storms placed first place.

• Seventh-grade dictionary skills — Carlee Eldredge placed first, Daniel Baker placed fourth and Jacob Fisher placed fifth. The team placed first overall.

• Seventh-grade number sense — Morgan Sconce placed second, while she and Topanga Rohrer and Callie Storms received second place as a team.

• Eighth-grade maps, charts and graphs — Gage Oppel placed second. Oppel and teammates Cass Carter and Colton Wall placed second overall.

• Eighth-grade oral reading — Kaylie Weaver placed fourth.

• Eighth-grade listening — Riley Hendricks placed first, Colton Wall placed fourth. Hendricks, Wall and teammate Gage Oppel took first place a the meet.

• Eighth-grade spelling — Riley Hendricks placed first, Ali Schroeder placed second and Mackenzie placed fourth. The team took first place.

• Eighth-grade art — Ali Schroeder placed fifth. The team comprised of Schroeder, Amber Matthews and Tess Payeur received second place as a team.

• Eighth-grade number sense — BreAnna Voglesong placed fourth, Sam Cross placed sixth. The team which also included Sesalie Satterwhite placed second.

• Eighth-grade science — Sam Cross placed fifth, while the team which included Cross, Sesalie Satterwhite and Colton Wall placed second.

• Eighth-grade dictionary — Mady Rogers placed first. The team of Roger, Ali Schroeder and Hunter Olson placed third.

• Eighth-grade editorial writing — Sesalie Satterwhite placed first.

• Eighth-grade impromptu speaking — BreAnn Voglesong placed first.

• Eighth-grade one act play — Amber Matthews received and award for technical.

• Eighth-grade modern oratory — Riley Hendricks placed first, BreAnna Voglesong placed second and Sam Cross placed fifth.

• Eighth-grade social studies — Colton Wall placed first. The team of Wall, Bailey Gonzales and Alexis Merrifield took second at the competition.

• Eighth-grade calculator — Jaycee Mandrell placed first, BreAnna Voglesong placed second, and Gabrielle Franks third. The team took first place.

• Eighth-grade math — Sesalie Satterwhite placed first and Sam Cross placed second. The team of Satterwhite, Cross and BreAnna Voglesong placed first at the meet.

• Eighth-grade ready writing – Riley Hendricks placed second and Mady Rogers placed fifth.

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