Geneon Animation has released another of the Daphne in the Brilliant blue to DVD. This is volume six. It contains episodes 21 and 22 and is called “Memories.” In Japan the series is known as “Hikari to Mizu no Daphne”

If you enjoy Japanese Manga and animation this one is pretty good.

Reviewer Theron Martin commented, “ For those curious about where the “Daphne” in the title comes from — since none of the characters introduced to date bear that name ·(he was talking about Volume 2, but it still holds true through Volume 6), it seems to be a clever reference to Greek mythology. Daphne was a particular nymph in those stories, while nereids were a class of sea nymphs. Since nymphs are described as shapely young women, and all the members of Nereids certainly fit that description, the connection is logical (if a little obscure).”

Naturally, in keeping with Manga tradition the eyes of the characters are unrealistically large and the battle costumes for the women could do service as a Las Vegas showgirl costume. In some cases, they do battle in what looks like a low-cut corset and an extremely small bikini bottom.

This volume is number 6 of 7 volumes, and even though a little of the back story helps it’s not really necessary, though I did find the Bonus episode 1 a big help in explaining some of the character’s actions.

The back story basically takes place in the far future — and the current episodes in the farther future. At one point a global catastrophe flooded the world, and the remanants of humanity retreated to 9 giant undersea colonies. Generations later, humankind is once more taking the land back. The company that oversees this is the Ocean Agency.

The Ocean Agency is a prestigious academy where prospective policemen and bureaucrats are taught. Only the best, most physically fit and intelligent students are eligible to enter, and Maia, the series’ protagonist, is one of the few.

The Ocean Agency’s province is world security, and that organization has the best equipment , the most qualified personnel, and the most luxuriously appointed buildings. Everyone wants to work for the Ocean Agency.

After failing her entrance exams and subsequently being evicted from her home, Maia is left homeless. She finds herself in the middle of a gunfight and is saved by two women who eventually reveal they are part of a crime-fighting organization called Neres. Maia is recruited into their ranks to fight crime, and to discover why she was denied admission into the Agency.

The ‘brilliant blue’ in the title could vaguely refer to the setting of the series, a city bordering on being flooded with water.

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue: Memories is a good mix of comedy and goofy antics and a fast-paced story line. Volume 6 has plenty of actual animation and no stock footage like some of the more popular anime, coupled with energetic voice talent yet a relaxed directing style. The series doesn’t aim to be “deep” nor, in my opinion, does it attempt to become a multi-episode cash cow with merchandise tie-ins.

As with Anime of similar ilk, the opening and closing credit songs are really catchy and are performed mixing English and Japanese lyrics.

The outer case of the series notes that the only spoken language is Japanese with English subtitles, fortunately English is also one of the spoken languages.

Daphne in the Brillian Blue: Vol. 6, Memories

Rating (*** 1/2 out of *****)

Synopsis: (Courtesy of Geneon Animation) Although Maia’s trip to Siberia City to find clues about her past was fruitless, she’s still hung up on the faint memories she has about her brother... Could the mysterious man who always seems to save her in the nick of time be him? Then, her inability to concentrate during a routine mission gets Shizuka severely injured, which in turn gets Maia fired from Nereids!

Contains episodes 21-22 and bonus episode 1.

75 minutes

Rating: 16 up