Design on a Dime

Jane Wright models her award-winning outfit Thursday at the Stanford House “Design on a Dime” fundraiser.

A bevy of local residents and thrifty shoppers participated in the fourth annual Stanford House ‘Design on a Dime’ spring style show and fundraiser Thursday for the senior citizen activity center in Gainesville.

Stanford House director Carolyn Castleberry said the show was designed to be fun and fiscally challenging.

“Approximately $1,900 was raised on behalf of the Stanford House with sixteen entries modeling outfits they bought and put together themselves,” she said. “The only rule was that the outfits must cost less than $25.”

The only male model present was John Williams who spent just $1 for his bermuda shorts, T-shirt and woven cotton summer shirt. Prizes were awarded to the top three contestants as voted on by the crowd.

Jane Wright took home first place in a blue taffeta and rhinestone dress which she purchased at a local Goodwill store for $12.

The most senior contestant was 91-year-old Dorothy Zimmerer who took second place. Judy Barnes of Gainesville was third.

During the event, area 4-H students were on hand to serve the lunch consisting of baked potato, salad, water and cookies.

As emcee, Kelly Fiore-Watson kept the crowd entertained through the luncheon, style show and awards ceremony.  

Castleberry said the show was a success.

“Last year was sold out,” she said. “We did have a few tickets left over this year but everyone that came had a great time.”


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