Staff report

Today’s Gainesville City Council meeting is set to include a special proclamation recognizing June as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.”

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m., at the city municipal building at 200 S. Rusk St. in Gainesville.

Similar “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” recognition was presented to Abigail’s Arms officials Kim Cook and Kelly Fiore-Watson during the most recent Cooke County commissioners court meeting. During that meeting, the officials announced a “Daddies and Daughters Stepping Up” rally, set for 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday, June 15, at the Cooke County Courthouse.

Also during today’s Gainesville City Council meeting:

• Council will take action on a resolution accepting a letter from Vince Rippy resigning his elected city council position in Ward 6, following Rippy’s residential move from that ward. Council will also consider a resolution declaring a vacancy on the panel.

• Council will consider a resolution designating authorized signatory officers of the City of Gainesville to transact banking activities on behalf of the City of Gainesville.

• Council will consider a resolution authorizing City Manager Barry Sullivan to execute water tower lease agreements with New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC for communications purposes.

• Council will consider a resolution approving actions of the Gainesville Economic Development Corporation of the City of Gainesville, which voted to approve renewal of the lease of the land and building (located at 2600 and 2601 Airport Drive in Gainesville) to Schlumberger Technology Corporation.

• Council will conduct a public hearing on an ordinance to amend the zoning code, followed by the consideration of a first reading of the ordinance. (The ordinance amends Appendix A-Zoning of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Gainesville, Article 1 – General Provisions, Section 1.6  - Effect of the Ordinance, Article III - Use of Land or Premise, Section 3.1.07 - MF-2 High Density Multifamily District Defined, Section 3.1.09 – CA Central Area District Defined, Section 3.1.10 – C1 Restricted Commercial District Defined, Section 3.1.11 – C2 General Commercial District Defined, Section 3.1.12 - C3 Outdoor Commercial District Defined, Section 3.4 - Accessory Uses and Structures, Section 3.5 - Screening Walls and Fences, providing for severability, providing for repeal of conflicting ordinances, providing for an effective date, and finding the meeting was open to the public.)


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