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A special annual retirement reception for eight Gainesville Independent School District retired personnel was held at the administration building on Friday.

The retirees included Linda Shuppert, Teresa Metzler, Ralph Banks, Linda Cummings, Marsha Davidson, Eddy Henry, Sue Walker and Nell Schoonover.

Shuppert retired from Edison Elementary at midterm this year where she was an instructional aide.

Teresa Metzler retired after 35 years in education and plans to visit Glacier National Park in Montana with her husband and other family members. She said she is looking forward to seeing a part of the country she has never traveled to.

This is Ralph Banks’ second retirement. Banks returned to driving a bus after taking a year off. His latest stint latest nine years. Banks said he decided to return to work to occupy his free time.

“I told my wife after I had retired for a year the first time that I needed to find something to do,” Banks said. “ The school bus driver hours worked great for me.” 

Linda Cummings taught at Gainesville Middle School and said she plans to spend lots of time with two grandchildren, Deacon and Caroline. She said she also looks forward to doing volunteer work.

“I hope to be able to tutor students, especially in reading,” Cummings said.

Marsha Davidson has another job to go to as she works with her daughter Paige Davidson in her hand made handbag business.

“I have been sewing handbags at night and on weekends for quite a while,” she said laughing. “And now I get to do it full time.”

With 36 years under his belt teaching Texas history, Gainesville Middle School teacher Eddy Henry said he hopes to see more of the state he has taught others about for so many years.

“I’m looking forward to seeing sites such as Palo Duro Canyon the Caprock and maybe even traveling up the Lonesome Dove trail,” he said. “ I hope to have time to take pictures and do some writing.”

Gainesville High School aide Sue Walker said she has been “having too much fun” and is looking forward to retirement.

“I love to listen to the oldies music and checking out the different venues offering my kind of classic tunes,” she said.

Nell Schoonover, a diagnostician with GHS is looking forward to getting over some health issues and helping her mother.

“I would like to do nothing for a while but I have a feeling that I will get even busier after school is out,” she said.

All of the retirees said they enjoyed their years with GISD but are looking forward to the next chapter of their lives.


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