Cooke County deputies arrested Workman and Solesbee on Jan. 24, 2005, during a bust in Oak Ridge. During the raid at Workman’s house on Parkside Circle, officers seized 851 grams of liquid methamphetamine.

Officers responded to the residence after receiving a tip from a woman visiting the house. She sent a text message to a deputy complaining about a strong chemical odor in the mobile home.

In early March, a Cooke County grand jury returned an indictment against Workman alledging that he manufactured or possessed methamphetamine in the amount of 400 grams or more. His bond was set at $50,000.

A true bill or indictment is not a conviction, but that the grand jury members think there is enough evidence for the state to proceed with a case against the defendant.

The grand jury also returned indictments against:

• Misty Michelle Escobedo, manufacture of controlled substance- methamphetamine, first-degree felony, $50,000 bond.

• Mariano Castillo Gomez, aggravated robbery, first-degree felony, $30,000.

• Joni Skiles, burglary of habitation, first-degree felony, $50,000.

• Kevin Biggers, burglary of habitation, first-degree felony, $50,000 bond.

• Deborah Buffington, intoxication manslaughter, second-degree felony, $50,000 bond.

• Walter Riley Robbins, driving while intoxicated, second-degree felony, $20,000 bond.

• Edward Compton, bail jumping, second-degree felony, $20,000 bond.

• Gary Wayne Poe, burglary of habitation, second-degree felony, $25,000 bond.

• Michael Alan Chaffin, failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements, $25,000 bond.

• Bridget Marie Bokan, burglary of habitation, second-degree felony, $20,000 bond.

• Rickie Blanton, burglary of habitation, second-degree felony, $20,000 bond.

• Zenita Starr Zielinski, forgery and possession of a controlled substance - methamphetamine, both third-degree felonies, $15,000 bond on each charge.

• Lucas Allyn Voyles, possession of prohibited weapon, third-degree felony, $10,00 bond and evading arrest using motor vehicle, state jail felony, $5,000 bond.

• Debra Lynn Riddle, driving while intoxicated, third-degree felony, $15,000 bond.

• Cedric Lamont Norris, theft of property, third-degree felony, $10,000 bond.

• Chistopher James Morris, possession of methamphetamine, third-degree felony.

• Zackary Howard, burglary of a building, $10,000 bond.

• Arturo Rodriguez Gaspar, driving while intoxicated, third-degree felony, $6,000 bond.

• George Alexander, bail jumping, third-degree felony, $10,000 bond.

• Crystal Jean Taylor, three charges of forgery, state-jail felony, $3,500 bond each.

• Brian Patrick Collman, forgery, state-jail felony, $3,500 bond and burglary of a building, state-jail felony, $5,000 bond.

• Sheila Ann Jones, theft of property and unauthorized use of a vehicle, both state jail felonies, $4,000 bond.

• Charles Martin Langston, theft of service, $10,000 bond.

• Gary Wayne Scott, forgery, state jail felony, $5,000 bond.

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