District Judge Janelle Haverkamp is shown with 2007 Gold Star 4-H winners Josh Zimmerer of Valley View and Hal Ray Spears of Era.

The Cooke County 4-H Achievement Banquet was held Saturday night at the North Central Texas College in Gainesville. Serving as Mistress and Master of Ceremonies were Claudia Spears and Jonathan Zimmerer, 2006 Gold Star 4-Hers. The prayer was led by Melanie Plemons.

Over 200 4-Hers, parents, and guests enjoyed a meal catered by Dieter Brothers of Lindsay. Guests enjoyed the video “Ride the Texas 4-H Train:” which included photos of all 4-Hers and contests pictures for the past year.

Phyllis Griffin, CEA-4HYD, recognized Club Managers with a certificate. Era Club Co-Manager, LeAnn Spears was given special recognition for her work at Era.

Victoria Blessing and Madison Pearse, council officers, presented the Outstanding Adult Leader Awards to: Leann Spears, Monica Laux, and Roy and Joann Bouldin for their time, encouragement, and support to the total county 4-H program

Kelli Walker, Valley View Club Manager presented Junior, Intermediate, and memory book awards as follows:

Junior: Elizabeth Blessing, Kendall Pearse, Taylor Ritchey, and Tyler Ritchey all received medals from their first place awards at District.

Intermediate: Aaron Fleitman, Madison Pearse, Jill Walker, Lindsey Ritchey, Logan Smithson, and Benjamin Zimmerer. Pearse and Walker received District medals.

Taylor Ritchey and Madison Pearse were presented Texas 4-H shirts for the outstanding books in their divisions.

Memory Books: Maegan Fleming, Davis and Austin Grant medals for district.

And Daniel Sawers for second place. Fleming also received a shirt for top book.

Leann Spears recognized the following for their record book at district. Each received a medal for their first place finishes... These were: Victoria Blessing, Stephen Wallace, Josh Zimmerer, Claudia Spears, Jennifer Pitzinger, Kelly Laux

Top Record book was Stephen Wallace.

Kanita Maxwell, 4-H volunteer, presented the Jewels of 4-H to:

First year of membership awards wento to Elizabeth Blessing, Davis Grant, Jessica Ray, Claudia Smith.

Recognized for Fifth year of membership were Lindsey Ritchey and Benjamin Zimmerer.

Recognized for10 years of membership were Claudia Spears, Johnathan Zimmerer, Josh Zimmerer.

Josh Zimmerer and Lindsey Ritchey, council officers, presented the awards Leader on the Town to the following: Ann Blessing, Red River Club, Karyn Sawers, Midnight Mustangs, Marsha Dill, Lindsay Club, and Kelli Walker, Valley View Club for their help and assistance to their individual clubs.

Also the Most Supportive Parent to the Cooke County 4-H Council to Denise Pearse, Era Club for her time and efforts to the county council.

Capt. Steve Fleming of the Gainesville Police Department, presented the Cooke County Rookie Awards to Elizabeth Blessing, Davis Grant, Claudia Smith junior members and to Callie Wilhite Intermediate Rookie of the year.

Shelia Cox, 4-H Volunteer, presented the Outstanding Junior 4-H Awards to:

Maegan Fleming, Taylor Ritchey, and Kendall Pearse

Outstanding Intermediate was Jill Walker.

Receiving “Spirit Awards” were Daniel Sawers, Payton Dill, and Michaela Kern for their “spirit” to apply an interview for awards.

The 4-H Helping Hands award presented for their community service projects and hours were: Taylor and Lindsey Ritchey and Kelli Reed.

Terry Gilbert, Constable Pct 1, presented the Prudential Spirit of Community Award to Claudia Spears and Madison Pearse both of the Era 4-H Club for their exemplary community service. The two were recognized in Dallas earlier this year at a banquet.

District Attorney, Cindy Stormer presented the seven Leadership awards to following for their completion of the leadership project and the other 11 options: Kendall Pearse, Aaron Fleitman, Madison Pearse, Victoria Blessing, Kelly Laux, Alyssa Smithson, and Hal Ray Spears.

The Friends of the 4-H award were presented to individuals and businesses who are not directly involved in the 4-H program but gives generous support, assistance, and encouragement to 4-H members: George and Kitty Silk, Shelly Switzer, Carla Hennigan, and Kanita Maxwell.

A very special award was presented during the evening to our wonderful friend of 4-H that went home to be with his Lord earlier this year – Thurman Ward. Thurman has been the chief hamburger cook for the 4-H and Youth Fair for many years. He was a “true” friend always there with a smile and encouragement. Mrs. Billie, his wife accepted the special wooden plaque presented as a thank you for sharing Thurman with us.

The Polly Reiter Memorial 4-H Scholarship was presented in loving memory of Polly Reiter a volunteer leader for over 10 years and the mother of 4 Gold Star 4-hers. She was a woman of encouragement to all 4-Hers. In attendance were here husband Wilford Reiter, daughter Kim Wiese and husband Don and son Lloyd who presented the awards and his wife Mary. Receiving these scholarships were Claudia Spears and Joshua Zimmerer.

Jana James, 4-H Volunteer, presented the Bronze Stars which are awarded to 4-H members who demonstrated active involvement in 4-H projects and activities for 2 – 4 years. Members must also complete a record book to apply. Winners of the Bronze were: Aaron Fleitman, Madison Pearse, and Logan Smithson.

Joanne Bouldin presented the Silver Star which is given to 4-Hers with 5 or more years of involvement. Receiving these awards was: Kelli Reed, Kelly Laux, and Alyssa Smithson.

The Danforth, “I Dare You” Award was presented by Judge Dorthy Lewis to Victoria Blessing, Melanie Plemons, and Stephen Wallace.

The Farm Bureau Leadership Award, presented by Kenneth Sicking, Cooke County Farm Bureau was awarded to: Jennifer Pitzinger, Alyssa Smithson, and Kelly Laux.

The highlight of the banquet is the announcement of the 2007 Gold Star winners. Judge Janelle Haverkamp presented this award to the following:

Joshua Zimmerer a member of the Red River 4-H Club and the son of Jackie and Albert Zimmerer.

Hal Ray Spears, a member of the Era 4-H Club and the son of Alan and Leann Spears.

First State Bank presented the 2006 Gold Star 4-H parents with their child’s photograph. These were: Leann and Alan Spears and Donna and Michael Zimmerer.

Lindsey Ritchey and Kendall Pearse presented a special gift to Phyllis Griffin for her support. Each of the 2006 Council Officers also presented her with a rose as a thank you.

Other council members with banquet duties were: Madison Pearse and Tyler Ritchey stage gentleman, Kelly Laux and Taylor Ritchey registration, Kendall Pearse and Victoria Blessing stage assistants, and Whitney Taylor awards line up.

Individual award winners were as follows:

• Achievement, Claudia Spears;

• Agriculture Program, Stacie Schumacher;

• Beef, Stephen Wallace, Clayton Williams and Josh Zimmerer;

• Bread, Jordan Dick;

• Citizenship and Civic Education, Victoria Blessing and Melanie Plemons;

• Clothing and Textiles, Stephanie Pitzinger, Lindsey Ritchey and Claudia Smith;

• Community Service, Madison Pearse and Stephanie Schumacher;

• Conservation-Recycling, Paige Dill, Lucinda Krahl, Kelli Reed, Jacob Sprouse, Amelia Wyrick and Benjamin Zimmerer;

• Consumer and Family Sciences, Jill Walker;

• Dairy Cattle, Abe Fuhrmann and Rose Wyrick;

• Dairy Judging, Hal Ray Spears and Whitney Taylor;

• Dog Care, Austin Grant, Mary McCann, Daniel Sawers and Callie Wilhite;

• Entomology, Elizabeth Blessing;

• Food and Nutrition, AllisonGarner;

• Gardening and Horticulture, Melanie McCann and Molly Pitzinger;

• Goats, Kendall Pearse;

• Goat Judging, .Alyssa Smithson;

• Horse, Maegan Fleming and MacKenzie Rohrbough;

• Photography, Sam Dick, Aaron Fleitman, Robbie Ann Miller and Taylor Ritchey;

• Performing Arts, Payton Dill, Alex Harrell and Jessica Ray;

• Poultry, Sarah Childs and Jennifer Pitzinger;

• Public Speaking, Liberty Davidson and Kelly Laux;

• Rabbit, Karley Rohrbough;

• Safety, Johnathan Zimmerer;

• Sheep, Katie Canon and Chris Wallace;

• Shooting Sports, Tyler Ritchey and Logan Smithson;

• Veterinary Science, Davis Grant, Michaela Kern and Bailey Wilhite;

• Wood Science, .Cletus Fuhrmann.

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