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CASA Volunteer Advocates sworn in: New volunteers, Jeri Crisp, Kitie Hermes, shown with CASA Volunteer Coordinator, Sara Butler and new volunteer, Brenda Sparkman just after they took the oath to serve abused and neglected children 3 of the 15 children in protective custody (foster care) who did not have a CASA Advocate looking out for them will now have one of these 3 looking out for their interests. More advocates are needed as 7 more Cooke county children entered foster care just this week.

CASA of North Texas recently completed new volunteer training for four new advocates.  

Three of the four took the oath in the District Court to protect the interests of abused and neglected children as Court Appointed Special Advocates.  District Judge, Janelle Haverkamp administered the oath and then signed orders appointing them to represent 3 of the 15 children who did not have the benefit of a volunteer looking out for them.

This group of new volunteers, Jere Crisp, Kitie Hermes, Brenda Sparkman and Connie Stovall will individually look into their case, talking to teachers, counselors, neighbors, family members, law enforcement and most importantly, the child.  

They will monitor how the children are doing in their foster homes and whether their needs are being met as they also monitor how the parents are doing in making changes that might allow for the safe return of the children to the family.  

They will then report what they find back to the District Judge, who has the responsibility of making decisions that affect the lives and futures of these most vulnerable children.

“We are so glad that people are stepping up to become involved in being a voice for children who have found themselves in foster care through no fault of their own” said Vicki Robertson.  “The holidays are quickly approaching.  Law Enforcement and those who work in or around the child welfare system will tell you that child abuse and neglect don’t take days off and holidays don’t stop the cycle of physical, emotional and sexual abuse or physical neglect of children.  Since we made a plea for volunteers just last week, 7 additional children have entered foster care.  Needless to say, we’re still asking people to consider getting involved for our children’s sake.”

Anyone interested in becoming a CASA advocate may contact the CASA office at (940) 665-2244 or visit

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