Pink truck highlights fight against cancer

Enderby Gas Inc. is one of many area businesses which promote breast cancer support organizations.


Each year Enderby Gas Inc. donates a percentage of its sales to a breast cancer research organization, Enderby representative Betty Jarrell said.

Jarrell said Enderby Gas president James Bishop had one of the company’s fuel delivery trucks painted pink to honor his wife who died of breast cancer at 35.

“The pink truck is significant of the fact he lost his wife to breast cancer and he gives a donation each year to help further a cure for the disease,” Jarrell said. “He does it every April but the truck runs all the time.”

Jarrell said the pink vehicle which usually operates routes in the Whitesboro area gets plenty of attention.

“People ask about it,” she said. “We get a lot of comments on it. A lot of people say they like to see it out running around.”