Dr. Jim Denison may not be able to predict the weather, but he does know a thing or two about what is going on in the world today.

Brother to the First Baptist Church of Gainesville pastor Dr. Mark Denison , Jim Denison is the pastor of Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas.

When Channel 8 Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus canceled his scheduled appearance as guest speaker for the Men’s Power Lunch on Monday, Jim Denison agreed to fill his place.

“Pete Delkus seems to be under the weather,” Mark Denison joked with the audience before introducing his brother, “but he has a dynamite Christian testimony and is an absolutely awesome person who we’ll be sure to reschedule.”

Once a month at Park Cities Baptist Church, Jim Denison said he and his congregation discuss current events going on in the world from a biblical prospective.

One particular event close to the pastor’s heart is the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Ike in Cuba.

Jim Denison has visited the island six times and members of Park Cities Baptist Church have traveled at least 30 times to do missions work. In fact, the church is planning to go again sometime this fall/winter to do church planting, leadership development, humanitarian aid and advanced theological education.

The city Jim Denison and his church primarily serve in is called Camaguey located in central Cuba. The island is so over populated and the infrastructure is so poor, Jim Denison explained, that the destruction caused by the hurricane could be devastating.

During Sunday’s services, Jim Denison said his church set aside time to pray for the individuals in Cuba.

“I believe God redeems in everything he allows,” said Jim Denison. “We just need to pray for what God is doing there.”

One audience member asked Jim Denison to explain what is going on in Darfur and what Christians can do to help.

Darfur is a region in western Sudan. The genocide of Darfur, Jim Denison explained, is the holocaust of this generation which numbers may eventually exceed those of the Holocaust.

“It is the most despicable tragedy of our day,” said Jim Denison.

The problem with this genocide, Jim Dension said, is that it is not nearly as black and white as the Holocaust was.

“This is a tribal/religious war and, like in the ancient world and in biblical times, these people believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” said Jim Denison. “That belief makes it so difficult to stop this cycle.”

Religously, the only way to end the war would be through convergence and forgiveness.

“To get these people to forgive their enemies is the only way to stop that conflict,” said Jim Denison. “Someone is going to have to forgive someone else but that’s not happening.”

Politically, then, those tribes and religions need to be separated in order to end the genocide. However, that solution is equally problematic since so many tribes in Darfur have been forced to live in such close proximity with one another and blood retribution has existed for so long, Jim Denison said.

To end the discussion, Jim Denison touched on the upcoming presidental elections. When asked how Christians should feel about Obama, Jim Denison replied that while he does not endorse one particular candidate, he believes every candidate is a Christian.

“I have read both of his books, heard him speak and I absolutely believe Obama is a Christian,” said Jim Denison. “The idea that he is a Muslim or a part of the Taliban is absolute slander.”

The most important thing to remember when voting for a candidate, Jim Denison said, is to decide what aspects matter most to you.

The next Men’s Power Lunch will be held on Oct. 6 at noon. Guest speaker will be Roger Russell, an expert on Mormonism. Jim Denison will be the guest speaker again on Feb. 2 to discuss Calvinism and his new book “While Wrestling with God.”

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