TxDOT sign

The Texas Department of Transportation will begin posting Texas traffic fatality statistics today on signs along major state highways.

Beginning today, Texas Department of Transportation officials will use roadway signs to display the year-to-date number of traffic-related deaths in the state.

A press release explained that even though the number of people killed each year in traffic crashes in Texas has decreased by roughly 21 percent since 2003, there still were on average 250 people killed every month in traffic-related incidents during 2011.

In order to keep this issue in the public's attention, TxDOT will display the year-to-date number of traffic deaths in Texas on more than 700 message signs — during one week every month, typically the during third week of each month.

The effort is designed to remind drivers that the act of driving deserves their full attention every time they get behind the wheel.

“We are encouraged about the progress we've made around safety over the last several years,” said Phil Wilson, TxDOT executive director. “But as long as we have a single traffic death we have more work to do. We think that displaying the number of people that have died in traffic crashes to date will have a direct impact on driving behavior.  We want to make sure that people arrive at their intended destination safely every time.”

TxDOT officials encourage drivers to take action to ensure their own safety as well as that of their passengers by driving the speed limit, paying attention to the road, avoiding distractions such as cell phones, having everyone in the vehicle wear their seat belts, and never drinking and driving.


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