Editor's note: This is the next story in our Gainesville Pride business profile series.

In order to fill a growing need in the Gainesville, Texas region, Fulton Supply and Recycling, Inc, announced its intent to make room for a new steel sales division, Fulton’s Metal & Hardware.

“After many requests from our customers in the Gainesville area, we made the decision to integrate this sector of business into the existing recycling location in Gainesville,” Gainesville yard manager Brent Noles said. “You can now drop off your scrap metals and leave with new steel and metal products.”

Brad Jones, new steel sales coordinator for Fulton Supply and Recycling, further stated that Fulton’s new steel division has continued to aggressively grow its product line in order to be more of a “one-stop shop” for metal building contractors, fence builders, welding shops, do-it-yourself homeowners, ranchers and farmers and manufacturing facilities.

“Our focus on competitive pricing, broad product lines and customer service, including delivery capabilities, has grown this sector of our business significantly,” Jones said.

“Keeping up with ever-changing market trends is just one aspect of making sure we are making smart decisions that end up saving our customers time and money,” Jones said. “We are on the phones with industry executives and accessing industry news on a daily basis.”

“Not long ago, it was possible to assess the market by watching regional trends,” Jones said. “Now, we have to keep an eye on what is happening globally, and plan pro-actively.”

New changes can already be seen at the Gainesville facility. Welding supplies can be found as well as a wide selection of pipe caps, gate hinges/latches, and other accessories now in stock at the Gainesville facility.

“While we proceed with the stocking of material at the Gainesville facility, we will be utilizing our delivery capabilities to get your product delivered promptly to the Gainesville area,” Brent Noles said.

“Fulton’s Metal and Hardware also offers delivery services to your site.”

“If you listen to your customers, they will let you know what you need to stock and what services you need to pursue,” Noles said.

In keeping with its’ commitment to integrity and good character, Fulton Supply and Recycling and Fulton’s Metal and Hardware continues to give back to the community.  Each year, they are heavily involved in the Cooke County Youth Fair, Gainesville athletics teams, a member in good standing of the Chamber of Commerce and are enthusiastic supporters of the Frank Buck Zoo.

The Gainesville phone number is (940) 665-2572, or you may e-mail them at sales@fultonsupply.net. You may also contact Fulton’s Metal and Hardware at their Denton offices at (940) 898-1423. Check us out on the web at www.fultonsmetal.com.

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