From North Central Texas College:

At the present, there are no cases of COVID-19 at North Central Texas College, but for the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty, NCTC is adjusting its spring schedule and instructional and student services as follows:

· All courses will be offered online starting Monday, March 30, 2020 for the remainder of the Spring Semester.

· Those courses that cannot be taught online will be put on hold until we can safely complete them while practicing social distancing.

· We are asking all of our employees to work remotely.

· All events and activities on campus through April 30 are cancelled.

· Students that are scheduled to take a test will be notified with rescheduled dates.

Online courses will begin March 30, 2020. NCTC’s original plan included some limited student access to campuses, but in light of new information and recommendations, the decision has been made to restrict campus access and to put all classes online.

NCTC professors have been working diligently, especially in courses with hands-on-learning, to prepare lessons, online labs, etc. to provide high quality instruction from a distance. Many professors are planning to continue to teach their courses on the regular schedule with live online lectures and discussion during scheduled class times, so it will still feel like the face-to-face course that students were taking. The Student Success Center, Tutoring, Completion Center, as well as all other student support services will also be available online to support students.

North Central Texas College is committed to providing a high-quality college experience.

The deadline for withdrawing from a class will be extended to at least April 3 so that students who are worried about the move to online classes will have time to adjust before making any decisions.

As stated, almost all courses will be conducted fully online. Students are instructed to check Canvas ( regularly as professors will begin communicating course details immediately.

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