Callisburg students collect food for homeless

Callisburg FCCLA students traveled to the Dallas Salvation Army to work in the kitchen, preparing meals and distributing them to the homeless. Officers are in the front row. 

CALLISBURG — Callisburg Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) students rolled up their sleeves and made sandwiches for homeless people in November, which inspired the school-wide food drive in December to help local families.

In November, FCCLA students traveled to the Dallas Salvation Army to work in the kitchen, preparing meals and distributing them to the homeless.

“Our intent was to provide a way for students to give of themselves by seeing other people’s needs,” FCCLA teacher Rhonda Woods said.

Woods’ classroom overflows with students. She does not have 10 or 20 students, but in her FCCLA program there are 82 middle school and high school students enrolled. “Students want to do the projects we offer,” Woods said.

The December annual food drive competition was more motivated this year, because of students’ experience at the homeless kitchen.

More students participated in the annual December food drive and raised more food items compared to previous years.

“Students were encouraged by the administration,” Woods said. “They were great, high school principal, Tommy Cummings; middle school principal Bronwyn Werts; and superintendent Steve Clugston, encouraged students to give.”

Students collected and sorted the food items that totaled 1,855 pounds. The Sherman Walmart donated food cards for turkey and ham and fresh food items.

The winning school classes will receive pizza parties.

Students from Middle School teacher Charlotte Strahan’s class won a pizza party and students from High School teacher Paul Owen’s class won a pizza party.

The collected food items will be donated to seven Callisburg ISD residents next week.

“Next week we will be working on a project for Meals on Wheels,” Woods said. “They contacted us and asked our FCCLA members to make small gifts for their volunteers. We are always happy to take on projects that teach our students to give of themselves to the community. I am so proud of our students and their willingness to reach out and help our local families.”

FCCLA students attending the homeless shelter include Brandon Hutson, Breann Woolsey, Breighana Cain, Skylar Dickerson, Clarissa Brooks, Kassie Cooper, Caleb Andrews, Caleb Ford, Caleb Morris, Caroline Darbro, Ciara Powell, Chase Falgout, Chase Walker, Cody Pollard, Cord McCage, Courtney Carr, Dakota Marish, Dakota Shaffer, Desirae Barker, Eli Parker, Emily Baldwin, Emma Abel, Fallon Baucum, Garret Thurman, Halie Threadgill, Jannea Stovall, Jaylee Smith, Jillian Enderby, Kaycee Doughtery, Katlyn West, Kelly Morgan, Kim Jones, Kylee Roberts, Leah Barletta, Macie Satterwhite, Madelyn Smith, Madison Werts, Neomy Flores, Preston Duke, Riley Powell, Rosa Rojas, Sam Lewis, Sutten Tidwell, Taylor Dungan, Zachary Bishop, Alex Knight, Alicia Garcia, Allie Manning, Andrew Matherly, Ashley Pass, Becca Eugster, Bethany Parsons, Brittany Jones, Brock Eddleman, Caden Clark, Caitlin Tuberville, Courtney Baldwin, Crislyn Holman, Dahnae Parsons, Danielle Ashlock, Danielle Drake, Hanna Bauwin, Hannah Herring, Haylee Hamilton, Jaycee Mandrell, Jeri Mackey, Kelsey Williams, Keri Wright, Laura Mejia, Lindsey Bacon, Maddi Ramsey, Mattie Tuggle, Melani Thomison, Milisa Bruce, Sabrina Vislosky, Shanna Huddleston, Skyler Oropeza, tori Hawkins, Tori Roberts, Trinity Graves, Vanessa Bose, and Ciara Powell.