Cooke Co. agencies

Cooke Co. agencies

Several Cooke County agencies and government organizations are banding together have united to work in a more collaborative manner.

The Cooke County Resource Coalition (CCRC) is a new effort to “help prevent homelessness and improve the community resources available to those in need,” according to a press release.

Executive directors and key managers within several of the most frequented Cooke County agencies were asked to be involved in this committee.

After ironing out some details, the Cooke County Resource Coalition (CCRC) nominated Chair, Jason Brinkley and Secretary, Cheryl Gomez. The CCRC also created a brochure of some key resources that agencies and government officials will be able to hand out to anyone in need of assistance.

“The CCRC has a goal to help Cooke County, the City of Gainesville, and local organizations to work together to build relationships within the community and meet the unique needs of families and individuals in our area,” according to the press release.

To learn more about CCRC, call the United Way at (940) 665-1793.

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