We received a welcomed 1 to 2.5 inches of rain last week over most of the county, with the majority of the rain coming on Saturday night.

Corn and Milo were showing signs of stress from lack of moisture but this should perk them up.

Pasture and range conditions were deteriorating and drying out but with this moisture we should see a continued green up and it will sure benefit the warm season grasses that need it this time of year.

Folks finished up baling wheat and oat hay designated for that purpose and some had started baling hay that was mostly a winter grass mix with quality and yields looking to be average.

Native and Bermuda grass pastures were coming on and with this shot in the arm should be coming on strong especially since most have already fertilized.

Wheat and Oat harvest is well underway with Oats are well below last year’s average and wheat is fair to middling, mostly fair.

Reports of anywhere from 15 to 70 bushels per acre on wheat and 35 to 60 on oats, just depending on what part of the county you’re in.

There is quite a bit of Sorghum forages such as Hay grazer and Sudan that were planted weeks back and looks to be pretty good if we can continue to get decent rains along.

What Soybeans there are look real good.

Cattle are still looking OK with winter grass playing out and improved pastures coming on.

There were quite a few stockers left on winter pastures the last few weeks but look for that to change soon with winter pastures playing out unless operators have some Sudan or grass pastures to put them on.

In the markets cash bids for Slaughter cattle were $1.32, live cattle futures for June were $1.26 while Feeders are averaging $1.47 per pound.

Six weight stocker steers and calves are selling on average of $1.66 per pound while heifers are $14 back.

Cows were a couple dollars higher selling in the upper sixties to low seventies while bulls were bringing in the low to mid-90s per pound.

Replacement Cows: 2- to 6-years-old 1000-1225 pounds 5 to 8 months bred black 1175 to 1325.

Pairs: 3-9 yrs 1100-1225 pound with 75-125 pound calf 1225 to 1400 per pair.

Wheat cash prices last week were hovering around the $4.23 mark for soft and $3.68 for hard. Cash price for Oats were around the $3.50 mark.

Coastal Bermuda: Small Squares: FOB: Good to Premium 7 to 9 per bale; Fair to Good 5 to 6 per bale.

Large Rounds: FOB: Good to Premium 100 to 130 per ton, 50.00-65.00 per bale.

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