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Members of the Cooke County Commissioners' Court are slated to discuss waiving the 25% rule or purchase limitations by the Cooke County Sheriff's Office and Precinct 3, according to Monday's meeting agenda.

There are two items relating to body cameras for the CSCO on the agenda. One is to waive the 25% rule of purchase limitations by the CCSO for body camera software and installation for $26,190. The purchase was approved on the Fiscal Year 2020 budget but available in Fiscal Year 2021, the agenda shows. The second related item on the agenda is to consider waiving the 25% rule of purchase limitations on cloud installation and a management program for the WatchGuard camera systems to include in-car videos and body cameras for $29,300. This item asks for a budget amendment, as well.

Commissioners are also set to discuss possible approval of Precinct 3 exceeding the 25% spending limit to pay its portion of an IWorQ invoice.

Precinct 3 is also on the agenda to consider possible approval of a resolution and an advance funding agreement for bridge replacement at County Road 333 at Flat Creek.

Among other items on the meeting's agenda, commissioners are set to go into closed session to discuss personnel matters, consult with an attorney and to deliberate security devices or security audits.

Commissioners are scheduled to reconvene into open session and discuss taking possible action on the Public Health Emergency Declaration for COVID-19 and consider taking possible action on security devices or security audits, the agenda shows.

Members of the court are to discuss future agenda items before they adjourn.

Limited seating for the general public will be open in the commissioners’ courtroom in keeping with social distancing guidelines issued by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s office.

Commissioners will also have a live video stream and a conference call dial-in number available for the public to attend its meeting virtually.

The public may call 206-462-5569 or 855-552-4463 and enter meeting PIN 9382-84-0609 to listen to the meeting. The video feed will be broadcast on YouTube at youtube.com/cookecountytexas1848.

Anyone wanting to address the court about an agenda item will need to call 940-668-5435 or email cathy.lloyd@co.cooke.tx.us at least an hour before the meeting, or sign up in person at County Judge Jason Brinkley’s office at least 15 minutes before the meeting’s start. As usual, public comment will be limited to five minutes per person or 30 minutes total.

Commissioners will gather in the Commissioners’ Courtroom on the first floor of the Cooke County Courthouse, 101 S. Dixon St.

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