Monday’s cold front from the northwest might’ve felt nice, but don’t get used to it.

“The cold front effects will last about a day,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Allison Prater said.

The high of 87 degrees for Monday, June 21, was reached early in Gainesville. At 12:15 p.m. it was already 67, she said. Monday’s low was expected to be 58.

Today, Tuesday, June 22, the forecast high is 82 with lows in the mid-60s, Prater said.

By midweek, the warmer air is back.

The first day of summer – Sunday, June 20 – temperatures climbed to 93 at Gainesville Municipal Airport. The area has yet to have a 100-degree day, Prater said.

Gainesville’s average first day of 100-degree weather is July 4, she said.

Monday’s cold front also brought the chance of “pop up showers” to some areas of the metroplex. Anyone who saw rain might’ve received a quarter to three-quarters of an inch, according to the NWS in Fort Worth. Some isolated storms could’ve even brought one to two inches of rain.

As of Sunday, Gainesville had received .95 inches of rainfall for the month of June. Historical data spanning 30 years at a co-op site five miles east of town had recorded an average of 5.69 inches for the month of June, Prater said. That data was from 1981-2010. Newer data was recently completed, she said, however; it wasn’t immediately available.

Year-to-date, the Gainesville area has received 16.71 inches of precipitation, she said. The normal is 23.19.

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