Starting this week, Texans wanting to file a complaint about fuel quantity, fuel pump measurement or skimmers should contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation online at

Senate Bill 2119 in the 86th Legislature transferred responsibility for the Motor Fuel program to TDLR from the Texas Department of Agriculture. As of Sept. 1, TDLR is using its regulatory authority to protect Texas consumers and to investigate motor fuels quantity and pricing complaints, according to a TDLR press release.

The agency will refer fuel quality complaints to the Office of the Attorney General for possible Deceptive Trade Practices Act enforcement.

Fuel spill reporting will remain with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

“The Texas Legislature has entrusted TDLR with the responsibility of protecting Texas consumers at the pump, just as we protect Texans who ride an elevator or escalator, use a boiler or hire an electrician, water well driller or air conditioner contractor. We salute the hardworking employees of the Texas Department of Agriculture, and we appreciate the Legislature’s confidence in our abilities,” Brian E. Francis, TDLR executive director, said in the release. 

Under the interagency contract signed by the TDA and TDLR on Aug. 29, the TDA will continue to handle registration of motor fuel distributors, wholesalers, jobbers, suppliers and registered service technicians on behalf of TDLR, which will pay TDA a fee for its services.

“We have worked closely with Commissioner Sid Miller and his talented team to make sure that the transfer of the program to TDLR goes as smoothly as possible and to ensure that Texas consumers are protected as strongly as possible,” Francis said. “We look forward to working with consumers and fuel operators and businesses to protect Texas fuel pumps from skimmers and other fraudulent activity.”

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