Below is a list of selected legislative actions recently taken by state legislators who represent Cooke County. Vote records were provided by

State Rep. Drew Springer (R-Muenster)

HB1865: Relating to the licensing and regulation of massage therapy; requiring a student permit; authorizing fees. Passed to engrossment RV#782; Yea

HB2100: Relating to the protection of expressive activities at public institutions of higher education. Passed to engrossment as amended RV#779; Yea

HB2439: Relating to certain regulations adopted by governmental entities for the building products, materials, or methods used in the construction or renovation of residential or commercial buildings. Passed to engrossment as amended RV#774; Yea

HB2899: Relating to civil liability and responsibility for defects in the plans, specifications, or other documents for the construction or repair of roads, highways, and related improvements. Passed to engrossment as amended RV#773; Yea

HB61: Relating to highway maintenance or construction vehicles, certain service vehicles, and escort flag vehicles, including the use of certain lighting equipment on those vehicles. House concurs in Senate amendment(s) RV#769; Yea

HB985: Relating to the effect of certain agreements with a collective bargaining organization on certain state-funded public work contracts. Passed to engrossment RV#783; Yea

SB325: Relating to establishing a protective order registry and the duties of court personnel and other persons and entities in regard to the registry. Passed RV#772; Yea

SB607: Relating to the operations and functions of the Veterans' Land Board and the sunset review date for and programs administered by the board. Passed RV#770; Yea

HB1002: Relating to the term of a parking permit issued to a residential tenant by a landlord. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB1135: Relating to a common characteristic or use project in a public improvement district in certain municipalities. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB137: Relating to reports by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality about dams that have certain hazard classifications. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB1398: Relating to the appointment of bailiffs by the district courts and county courts at law in Grayson County. Read 3rd time RV#752; Yea

HB1443: Relating to the certification of an area's wet or dry status for the purpose of an alcoholic beverage permit or license. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB1694: Relating to limitations on food regulations at farms, farmers' markets, and cottage food production operations. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2190: Relating to admission of certain students to an open-enrollment charter school in certain counties. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2386: Relating to the exclusion of the operation of certain vehicles from commercial driver's license requirements. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2393: Relating to permitting a hunter education component as part of a school district's physical education curriculum offered to certain students. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2399: Relating to the use of a biometric identity verification device to verify the age of an individual purchasing an alcoholic beverage. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2400: Relating to the application requirements for first responder organizations to receive an initial license or to renew a license. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2435: Relating to the confidentiality of the home or residence address of a state or federal judge or the judge's spouse in certain government records and documents. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2461: Relating to the territory of and fees imposed by certain emergency communication districts. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2496: Relating to the designation of a property as a historic landmark by a municipality. Passed RV#764; Yea

HB2565: Relating to the administration, powers, and duties of self-liquidating navigation districts. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2643: Relating to the issuance of specialty license plates for recipients of the Combat Action Badge or Combat Infantryman Badge. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB274: Relating to the establishment of the disaster reinvestment and infrastructure planning board and the creation of the disaster reinvestment and infrastructure planning revolving fund; making an appropriation. Passed RV#754; Nay

HB2792: Relating to making a false statement or false representation in certain documents filed with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2805: Relating to regulations for taking marl, sand, gravel, shell, or mudshell. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2932: Relating to the payment for funeral services performed by a transferring funeral home under a purchase agreement for funeral services or merchandise. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB2950: Relating to perpetual care trust funds and a master trust account. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB3099: Relating to standards for water management in certain areas. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB3142: Relating to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality reminders to public drinking water supply systems regarding reporting requirements. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB3329: Relating to the services provided by assisted living facilities. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB3475: Relating to the administration, collection, and remittance of the cigars and tobacco products tax; requiring a permit. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB4174: Relating to the nonsubstantive revision of the event reimbursement programs, including the Pan American Games trust fund, Olympic Games trust fund, Major Events reimbursement program fund, Motor Sports Racing trust fund, and Events trust fund; including conforming amendments. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB4257: Relating to retaliation for municipal annexation disapproval. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB4456: Relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages in areas annexed or owned by certain municipalities. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB4465: Relating to the student loan program administered by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and to the repeal of a related bond program. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB504: Relating to employment protections for a person serving as a grand juror. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB510: Relating to the power of certain counties to enact park use rules. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB679: Relating to the authority of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to sell educational resources and services. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB696: Relating to employment and referral services for veterans and military service members. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB700: Relating to the use of the skills development fund by certain entities. Passed RV#752; Yea

HB819: Relating to the issuance of China Service Medal specialty license plates. Passed RV#752; Yea

HCR35: Recognizing human trafficking as a public health issue. Adopted RV#748; Yea

SB612: Relating to the continuation and functions of the State Office of Risk Management. Passed RV#756; Yea

SB614: Relating to the continuation and functions of the Finance Commission of Texas, the Texas Department of Banking, and the Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending, to the training requirements applicable to the agencies overseen by the Finance Commission of Texas, and to the regulation of certain financial institutions and businesses. Passed RV#757; Yea

HB1026: Relating to instruction in positive character traits in public schools. Passed RV#739; Yea

HB1140: Relating to fees for vehicles stored at vehicle storage facilities; authorizing fee increases and decreases; eliminating a fee; eliminating a minimum fee. Passed RV#691; Nay

HB1176: Relating to technical defects in instruments affecting real property. Passed RV#688; Yea

HB1186: Relating to the prizes awarded in certain pull-tab bingo games. Passed RV#692; Yea

HB1211: Relating to certain agreements by architects and engineers in or in connection with certain construction contracts. Passed RV#694; Nay

HB1262: Relating to the extended registration of certain vehicles not subject to inspection. Passed RV#695; Yea

HB1276: Relating to the assignment of a public school student to an uncertified teacher. Passed RV#746; Nay

HB1318: Relating to the provision of mental health services to persons younger than 18 years of age. Passed RV#693; Yea

HB1343: Relating to persons who may be prosecuted for the criminal offense of improper contact with a victim. Passed RV#714; Yea

HB1494: Relating to surety bonds for deputy clerks and other employees of county and district clerks. Passed RV#727; Yea

HB1545: Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, including the consolidation, repeal, and creation of certain licenses and permits; changing fees. Passed to engrossment as amended RV#679; Yea

HB1576: Relating to the delivery of certain medical transportation services, including under Medicaid and certain other health and human services programs; imposing a mandatory payment; authorizing an administrative penalty. Passed RV#700; Yea

HB1655: Relating to the availability of dates of birth under the public information law. Passed RV#686; Yea

HB1667: Relating to the regulation of salvage vehicle dealers. Passed RV#705; Yea

HB1693: Relating to affidavits concerning cost and necessity of services. Passed RV#703; Yea

HB1743: Relating to the additional ad valorem tax and interest imposed as a result of a change of use of certain land. Passed RV#699; Yea

HB1973: Relating to the system by which an application for a low income housing tax credit is scored. Passed RV#708; Yea

HB1999: Relating to certain construction liability claims concerning public buildings and public works. Passed RV#697; Yea

HB2079: Relating to compensation under the Crime Victims' Compensation Act for certain expenses. Passed RV#744; Yea

HB2111: Relating to the period for which a school district's participation in certain tax increment financing reinvestment zones may be taken into account in determining the total taxable value of property in the school district. Passed RV#707; Nay

HB2140: Relating to creating an electronic application system for state student financial assistance. Passed RV#709; Yea

HB2164: Relating to imposing civil and criminal penalties for prohibiting or otherwise restricting a peace officer or special investigator from carrying a weapon on certain premises open to the public; creating a criminal offense. Passed RV#710; Yea

HB2174: Relating to controlled substance prescriptions and reimbursement for treatment for certain substance use disorders; authorizing a fee. Passed RV#712; Yea

HB2195: Relating to an active shooter emergency policy for school districts and required active shooter training for school district peace officers and school resource officers. Passed RV#716; Yea

HB2287: Relating to the operations of certain municipal housing authorities. Passed RV#724; Yea

HB2423: Relating to the creation of the broadband office within the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the establishment of a broadband service investment grant program. Passed RV#698; Yea

HB2458: Relating to the operation and administration of the Texas Bullion Depository. Passed as amended RV#718; Yea

HB2464: Relating to the regulation of massage schools and the issuance of a permit to massage school students; requiring an occupational permit; authorizing a fee. Passed RV#713; Nay

HB2486: Relating to certain required disclosures and prohibited practices of certain employee benefit plans and health insurance policies that provide benefits for dental care services. Passed RV#720; Yea

HB2496: Relating to the designation of a property as a historic landmark by a municipality. Passed to engrossment as amended RV#670; Yea

HB2511: Relating to the content of a public school campus improvement plan. Passed RV#715; Nay

HB2546: Relating to the energy efficiency performance standards for construction of industrialized housing. Passed RV#719; Yea

HB2624: Relating to the prosecution of certain criminal offenses involving fraud. Passed RV#721; Yea

HB2630: Relating to physician and health care provider directories for certain health benefit plans. Passed RV#745; Nay

HB2650: Relating to the procedure for the sale by auction of real property pursuant to foreclosure of a tax lien. Passed RV#731; Yea

HB2701: Relating to county jailer training and continuing education requirements regarding interacting with pregnant women confined in jail. Passed RV#722; Yea

HB2706: Relating to authorized investments for governmental entities. Passed RV#706; Yea

HB274: Relating to the establishment of the disaster reinvestment and infrastructure planning board and the creation of the disaster reinvestment and infrastructure planning revolving fund; making an appropriation. Passed to engrossment as amended RV#680; Yea

HB2742: Relating to the content of the Healthy Texas Women program provider list. Passed RV#723; Nay

HB2789: Relating to the creation of the criminal offense of unlawful electronic transmission of sexually explicit visual material. Passed RV#740; Nay

HB2830: Relating to certain requirements for and limitations on design-build contracts for highway projects of the Texas Department of Transportation. Passed RV#702; Nay

HB2847: Relating to the licensing and regulation of certain occupations, activities, and agreements; providing a civil penalty; authorizing fees; requiring an occupational registration and an occupational license. Passed RV#728; Yea

State Sen. Pat Fallon (R-Prosper)

SB1119: Relating to the establishment of a border public health initiative by the Department of State Health Services. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Yea

SB1120: Relating to health professional continuing education to address communicable and other diseases in border counties. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Yea

SB347: Relating to eligibility for service on the board of directors of an appraisal district. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Yea

SCR1: Claiming sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution, serving notice to the federal government to halt and reverse certain mandates, and providing that certain federal legislation be prohibited or repealed. Adopted; Yea

SB1313: Relating to demonstration programs for childhood obesity and chronic disease prevention in certain border counties. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Yea

SB2381: Relating to the places where certain knives are prohibited. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Yea

SB1225: Relating to requirements for certain petitions requesting an election and ballot propositions. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Nay

SB901: Relating to election integrity; increasing a criminal penalty. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Yea

SB1402: Relating to regulation by certain counties of lots in platted subdivisions that have remained undeveloped. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Yea

SB2194: Relating to the municipal hotel occupancy tax. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Yea

SB243: Relating to the carrying or storage of a handgun by a school marshal. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Nay

SB542: Relating to the allocation of housing tax credits to developments within proximate geographical areas. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Nay

SB974: Relating to policies and programs that permit the use of public money to finance political campaigns. Read 2nd time & passed to engrossment; Yea