City of Gainesville workers responded to a discharge of sewer water Monday, which resulted in 364,000 gallons of waste being discharged into a local creek, officials report.

According to a press release from the city of Gainesville, the discharge occurred around 4 p.m. Monday south of the O’Neal Street extension and west of County Road 3092. The leak occurred due to a build-up of grease on a large “interceptor choke” (10-inch line) in a remote wooded area.

The discharge was sent to a tributary of Wheeler Creek. The problem was contained and did not affect the public drinking water, according to the city press release.

According to a report filed with the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, the spill has been contained and clean-up activities have begun.

“The line will be monitored monthly and the easement area improved for better access,” the report read.

Director of Public Services Ron Sellman could not be reached for comment at his office by press time.

There are ways city residents can help reduce backlogs of grease, solid particles and other objects which clog pipes and lead to such leaks. A press release from the city recommends residents:

• Do not use the sewer as a means of disposing food scraps.

• Keep disposable diapers and personal hygiene products out of the sewer system.

• Refrain from pouring cooking grease, fats and oils down the drain.

Residents with questions about the proper use of the city sewer system may contact the Gainesville public services department at 668-4540.

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