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For at least the 15th year in a row, the city of Gainesville’s water supply has received a superior rating from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, according to Public Works Director Ron Sellman.

On Tuesday, July 16, Sellman gave members of the Gainesville City Council a brief update on the city’s 2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

Sellman said the city’s drinking water “meets or exceeds all federal EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] drinking water requirements” while adding “our system is rated as superior.”

The city’s water is derived from Moss Lake, the Trinity or Antlers aquifer, Sellman said.

“We have no violations at all,” Sellman said. “It’s a very clean report and a good report for the city.”

It’s been two years since the city had a violation marked in the report.

According to the 2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, the city had two violations for high levels of haloacetic acids that year. The first violation was from Jan. 1 to Feb. 29 and the second violation was from April 1 through June 30, according to a previous Register report. Haloacetic acids are a type of disinfection by-product formed when chlorine reacts with natural organic matter in the water.

Councilman Ken Keeler asked Sellman how many years in a row the city has received a superior rating.

Sellman guessed “15 or 20.”

“I know it’s a lot. That speaks extremely well of your department and the people who take care of our water and I appreciate that,” Keeler said.

A copy of this year’s report was mailed out to all water customers in the city, as well as posted to www.gainesville.tx.us, Sellman said.

A public hearing was opened before Sellman spoke, but no one spoke for or against the report.