Closed to through traffic: Pct. 3 commissioner aims to rebuild 7 miles of roads

John Anderle drives a maintainer down County Road 301 in Precinct 2 of Cooke County on Tuesday, Oct. 29. He was spreading gravel as the Precinct 3 road crew he was on prepared to grind the road down.

A severely potholed shortcut road between Lindsay and Gainesville is being ground down and rebuilt this year, Precinct 3 Commissioner John Klement said Tuesday, Oct. 29.

Precinct workers were grinding County Road 301 west of North Central Texas College on Tuesday, using a new technique in which gravel is laid down in front of the grinder so the gravel gets ground into the base of the road along with part of the bar ditch. The technique helps stabilize the surface before it gets chip sealed, according to Klement.

“None of my crew have ever done this,” he said. However, the road is so potholed, he explained, it was more cost-effective to start over and rebuild the road than to try to repair the existing road surface. The technique is one he learned about during state information meetings in Austin, he said.

This year, Klement hopes to redo about seven miles of roadway in his precinct, which ranges across southwestern Cooke County from just west of Valley View to the Montague County line. If budget constraints allow, the crew may be able to redo small portions of other roads, he said.

According to county budget documents, Precinct 3 has an estimated $2,291,273 of road and bridge fund expenses budgeted for fiscal year 2020, which began Oct. 1.

Road oil alone for the projected seven miles of roadwork is expected to cost about $200,000, Kelment said. He added that component and weather are the deciding factors in how far crews will get this year.

“If it’s a perfect world, we’d be able to get all seven miles plus some others done,” Klement said.

Once the road is ground down, crews will let it compact before chip sealing it this summer.

The project has been a long time coming, said Klement. It’s among the oldest roads in the county and he’d hoped to resurface it in fiscal year 2019, but poor weather delayed road work across the county.

“I’d been talking about this last year, but it was so wet,” Klement said.

The length of County Road 301 between County Roads 304 and 3108 is being redone now and is closed to through traffic. County roads 306 and 327 between Myra and Gainesville are also on the schedule to be rebuilt this year, Klement said.

He advised through drivers to seek an alternate route while the rebuilds are being carried out.

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