The “Comedy Boobs” are back and they’re bringing friends.

Director Kelly Fiore said she’s excited about Butterfield’s latest project, “The Return of Comedy Boobs with special guests Pickpockets and Loose Women.”

“We had such a great response to the last comedy show we did in Gainesville,” Fiore said. “The audience was just such hysterical fun.”

The show is set for Saturday, June 6 with shows at 7 and 9 p.m. at the Butterfield Theater.

As its name implies, Comedy Boobs is for grownups.

But don’t expect obscene language.

“For anybody who saw last year’s show, it’s very much a variety show with improv games and sketch comedy. It is for the general public, for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. It’s definitely for adults, but there’s no cursing in it,” Fiore noted.

Last time the Boobs were in town — October 10, 2008 — the event was a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness, she added.

This time the show is to help Butterfield — an non-profit group facing some fundraising challenges in a tough economy.

Butterfield executive director, Tamara Broyles, said Butterfield is focusing on smaller events in an effort to fund its prolific community theater effort.

Butterfield productions include well-known shows such as Forever Plaid, plenty of children’s theater and smaller shows which are less expensive to produce.

Fiore, who is artistic director for Metroplex-based Murder Mysteries Players, said Comedy Boobs are the “upper crust” of the Dallas improv scene and she compares the show to some of the best Saturday night live skits.

This year’s show will be completely different from the previous one, Fiore said.

“I’m bringing in some new players, not the same people as last time, but with the same silly, goofy comedy,” she said.

Improv is a special kind of comedy which involves spontaneity and audience participation — an aspect of the show that works well in Gainesville, she said.

“The audience just gives us ideas. There are some of the most talented, funny people I’ve ever met in Gainesville,” said.

She should know.

Fiore has directed a number of Butterfield productions.

New to this show is the addition of men to the assemble cast.

“It’s just tons of fun,” Broyles said. “It is very unique and we hope lots of people come to see it.”

Last year’s Comedy Boobs show was a big hit, she said.

“We sold tons of seats and made a lot of money for breast cancer awareness,” she said.

Butterfield supporters are hoping for a similar outcome with the return show.

Fiore said the return of Comedy Boobs might be just what parents need since most children are out of school for the summer.

“This show is great for parents who need a night out, and who doesn’t?” she said.

Tickets are $20 each. For more information call (940)665-8152.

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