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Members of the Cooke County Commissioners’ Court unanimously agreed to divvy up the county’s fuel purchases between two suppliers Monday, Feb. 10.

Cooke County Judge Jason Brinkley said the county received two bids — one from Red River Farm Coop and one from Douglass Distributing.

Brinkley told members of the court that “Douglass is cheaper on delivered and Red River is cheaper at the pump.”

County Auditor Shelly Atteberry said the county could split the contract.

According to information provided to members of the court, Douglass bid $1.79 per gallon for regular unleaded and $1.93 per gallon for diesel to be delivered to county facilities. Douglass also bid $1.83 at the pump for regular unleaded and $1.98 at the pump for diesel.

Red River bid $2.11 for diesel delivered to county facilities and $2.08 for diesel at the pump. Red River did not bid on regular unleaded, according to information provided to commissioners.

“We said we would award based on lowest price and that’s the way it comes in,” Brinkley said.

Via a 5-0 vote, members of the court decided to award the delivered fuel to Douglass and the purchases at the pump to Red River.

The county spent $552,851 on gas and diesel from Gainesville-based Red River Farm Coop, who the county has gone with for more than a decade, during the 2018-2019 fiscal year, according to a previous Register report.

On Dec. 9, 2019, county commissioners voted 5-0 to award the county’s bulk fuel contract to Sherman-based Douglass Distributing, according to an archived Register report.

Then on Dec. 23, commissioners voted 5-0 to rescind that contract after Brinkley explained to members of the court that they looked at the total price when awarding. The fuel bids were written to consider the profit margin, meeting minutes from the county show. Commissioners agreed to reject all bids and reevaluate the county’s bid requirements for gasoline and diesel fuel.

On Jan. 13, members of the court agreed via a 4-0 vote to award the contract to the bidder who submitted the lowest price based on the appropriate Oil Price Information Service daily report for Jan. 23, 2020, plus the vendor markup which includes the margin of profit and freight charge.

Precinct 1 Cooke County Commissioner Gary Hollowell was absent that day.

The county then rebid for bulk fuel services. The county asked for a quote for bulk fuel purchases of regular unleaded gasoline, ethanol-free regular unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel, according to information provided to commissioners. Bids were accepted until Thursday, Jan. 30.

The contracts awarded Monday go into effect March 1, according to a previous Register report.

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