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A Utah-based recycling startup that started exploring curbside service in Cooke County this summer has officially launched local service.

Recyclops, founded in 2014, launched biweekly curbside recycling service Friday, Sept. 11, the startup’s website shows. The launch came after a push to recruit at least 100 households to make service feasible in the area.

The company contracts with independent drivers to pick up recyclable waste in pickup trucks and take them to a materials recycling facility. The company uses a routing app to direct drivers to customers’ homes and coordinates directly with customers rather than working through a municipal waste service, the Register previously reported.

Gainesville and Cooke County do not offer curbside recycling pickup through municipal programs. While Gainesville utility customers may take recyclables to the city’s transfer station at no cost, other Cooke County residents are assessed a $18.63 fee per load. The transfer station, 601 N. I-35, does not accept glass.

Recyclops customers pay a $12 monthly fee to have paper, cardboard, metal and consumer plastic picked up from their residence every other Friday. Glass items can also be recycled for an extra $7 a month.

Recyclables are taken to a materials recycling facility in Denton or another one in the company’s network.

So far, area customers are concentrated in Gainesville, Lake Kiowa and Muenster, according to a press release. As new recyclers sign up, routes will be expanded to

accommodate more addresses.

More information about the recycling service is at www.recyclops.com/cooke-county or by calling 801-709-1509 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays.

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