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Window repair for the Cooke County Courthouse was under discussion during this week’s commissioners court meeting.

Cooke County Maintenance Director Ricky Kerr said Monday, June 10, that county officials have been working for “a while now” to get a viable company to work on the courthouse windows.

In 2017, members of the court approved expending up to $30,000 with Weatherford-based MMI General Contractors to restore the wood trim around the courthouse windows, according to a previous report by the Register. That same year, the county contracted with MMI to do $60,000 worth of additional work, County Judge Jason Brinkley said.

“However, only one or two of the windows for the second phase were completed due to MMI no longer being available to do the work,” Brinkley told the Register on Wednesday, June 12. As a result, only a small portion of the $60,000 budgeted for the project was actually paid out. “We attempted to work with them over several months to have the project continue but were unsuccessful. Therefore, we sought out other companies that do historic window restoration on buildings such as our courthouse.”

Kerr said he found two companies, Hull Millwork and Frontier Waterproofing Inc., that could do the job.

Hull Millwork has been in the business for 20 years and has some good references, according to Kerr.

“This is the best company I’ve found,” Kerr said.

Hull Millwork said it would cost about $188,000 to work on all the windows they think need to be repaired, according to Kerr.

About 150 of the 240 windows inspected need some level of work done to them, Brinkley said. The historic courthouse has 256 windows.

“The repairs range from sealing to actual replacing,” Brinkley said.

Frontier would address every single window at an estimated cost of $299,982, according to Kerr. The Denton-based company worked on the courthouse masonry earlier this year.

Hull Millwork is well known by the Texas Historical Commission and has worked on many courthouses, county officials said.

Brinkley said he liked the way the Fort Worth-based company did their assessment.

No action was taken Monday.

Hull Millwork is expected to be present at the next meeting of the Cooke County Commissioners Court, according to Brinkley.