Community leaders gathered Tuesday for the unveiling of a new positive image campaign for the City of Gainesville. The “Do You See What We See” campaign was presented at the First State Bank Preforming Arts.

“We always hear so much negative and people are so quick to jump on the negative,” Chamber of Commerce Director Lynette Pettigrew said. “The negative things are the things people want to repeat and the positive things are the things you have to work at getting people to talk about. That is what this is about, getting people to talk about the good things happening in the community.”

The presentation featured a five minute video and speakers from the four prominent entities that help make Gainesville a great place to live. These entities included: North Texas Medical Center (NTMC), North Central Texas College (NCTC), Gainesville Independent School District (GISD), and the City of Gainesville.

“We realize that the entities represented here today are not perfect but they are great assets to our community,” Mayor Goldsworthy said. “We all continue to identify and address our challenges in order to offer a better tomorrow for our community.”

During the presentation, a speaker from each of the four entities spoke of the entity they represented.

In this first installment, Randy Bacus, CEO of North Texas Medical Center spoke of the impact the hospital has on the City of Gainesville.

Bacus mentioned two key facts that he would like everyone to remember. One is that the N.T.M.C. is “at your service” and two that the hospital is “moving forward.”

“What do I mean, when I say we are at your service?” he said. “We are a full service rural hospital open 24 hours at day, seven days a week, 365 days a year — we never close! We are here for you.”

Bacus also spoke of the fully staffed Emergency Room that N.T.M.C. offers.

The hospital’s emergency facility is state certified as a Level IV Trauma Center with at least one Emergency Room physician in house 24 hours a day seven days a week, he said.

Bacus said the hospital sees about 1,500 ER patience a year.

Other information about the hospital, Bacus mentioned included:

• The Women’s Center delivers about 500 babies a year.

• The Medical and Surgical Unit sees 1,600 patients per year; and has a fully equipped operating room.

• The Hospitalist program — has a doctor in house every day designated for inpatients.

• The Intensive Care Unit has up-to-date and the latest monitoring equipment.

• The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center features exercise equipment and rehabilitation therapies.

Bacus said the hospital staffs over 300 employees, who all or most of them are licensed and certified by a local, state, or federal licensing or accrediting agency; and several have more than one certificate.

“Our goal is to be at your service, but we are also moving forward,” he said.

During the presentation, Bacus mentioned their strategic plan which outlines 11 major initiatives the hospital wants to accomplish in the next three to five years.

Bacus said the hospital is financially strong. It is currently rated A1 by Moody’s Investor Service and has over 150 days of cash on hand.

“We have a positive net income — many rural hospitals do not,” he said. “And, our tax rate for the hospital district is one of the lowest in Texas at the 20th percentile.”

Bacus said over the next few years, the hospital will receive over $4 million in grant money from the Federal Government for the successful implementation of Electronic Medical Records.

“We have one of the largest volunteer organization of any rural hospitals in Texas with over 75 volunteers,” he said,

Bacus said that this locally owned and operated community asset has a “State of the Art” building located a one of the most strategic intersections in Texas.

“We are proud to be one of the ‘cornerstones’ for the City of Gainesville and for Cooke County,” he said.

Tomorrow’s edition of the Gainesville Daily Register will include part two of the “Do You See What We See” installment featuring North Central Texas College.

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