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Police arrested four people and recovered 170 grams of crystalized methamphetamine, $4,600 in cash and four weapons during a Friday morning raid at a home on Meadowlark Lane in Gainesville. The items shown were all recovered during the incident.

Police arrested four people and seized a number of weapons and approximately $4,600 in cash along with 170 grams of crystal meth during a raid at a home on Meadowlark Lane just before 9 a.m. Friday morning.

Captain Kevin Phillips of the Gainesville Police Department said a tactical team responded to the residence to serve a search and arrest warrant.

He said at least 12 officers were involved in the operation which had been planned in advance. Officers entered the mobile home from three different locations, he said.

District Judge Janelle Haverkamp issued the search and arrest warrant according to Investigator Jack Jones.

Jones said the suspects — Matthew Cornett, 17, Stephin Cannon, 25, Zachary Otto, 21 and Mark Kulczyski, 42, were to be arraigned in Justice of the Peace Dorthy Lewis’ courtroom either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Phillips said the operation was one of “high risk” and involved the use of two “flash bangs.” Flash bangs are diversionary devices intended to give officers more time to set up when entering buildings where the suspects inside could be armed.

Flash bangs contain an explosive substance and emit a loud bang and a bright flash of light. The devices apparently take suspects by surprise and can help prevent them from reaching for weapons or trying to escape.

The raid brought in a “fairly large amount of meth,” Phillips said.

Interim Police Chief Steven Fleming said one of the suspects, Zachary Otto was combative while an officer attempted to arrest him.

“It took numerous officers to place him into custody,” Fleming noted.

Phillips said during the incident, Otto reached for one of the officer’s weapons.

He said Otto had two weapons in his possession at the time of his arrest.

“Otto actually had a gun in each coat pocket,” Phillips said.

In addition to the crystalized methamphetamine and the cash, investigators also recovered a 12-gauge shotgun, a .40-caliber semi-automatic rifle, a .38 special revolver and a .38 derringer pistol at the home.

Fleming said a few hours after the raid, officers received another call from a citizen who was concerned about a car that had pulled up to the residence.

“Officers arrived to check it out and the two occupants of the car got out and fled on foot. They were both caught and arrested,” Fleming said.

Kenneth Millhollon, 26, and Kevin Sasser, 23, were both arrested and charged with evading on foot, he said.

The four original suspects are all charged with manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance of more than 4 grams and less than 200 grams.

“This is a first degree felony ranging from 5 to 99 years and was in a drug-free zone,” Jones said.

In addition to the drug charge, Otto is also being charged with attempting to take a weapon from a peace officer, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana less than two ounces.