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Coronavirus cases appear to have leveled off in local schools, as the current week’s numbers stayed in line with last week. That’s good, but we need those numbers to start going back down.

I looked at school district COVID-19 dashboard in Cooke County this week and noticed that they aren’t getting worse, at least as far as I can tell. From what we’ve been able to tell, high school athletics have been affected by the coronavirus lately. Football sidelines were a bit more sparse than usual last Friday night and some volleyball matches have been postponed, but no teams seem to be in danger of forfeiting their seasons.

Some of the districts haven’t posted their data, while others post some information but not everything. Here’s a snapshot, as of Thursday morning.

* Gainesville reported 30 active cases, 14 recovered and 122 quarantines;

* Collinsville reported 22 active cases and 20 more in quarantine;

* Callisburg reported 10 active cases, 12 recovered and 19 in quarantine;

* Era reported 17 active cases, with 18 recovered and no numbers for quarantine;

* Valley View reported 53 student cases and nine recovered thus far.

Staff numbers at the various districts have been minimal in the new school year, presumably because of vaccine availability and widespread vaccination of adults and older teens.

According to state dashboard numbers last updated Wednesday, there have been 3,752 confirmed cases and 758 probable cases of COVID-19 and 78 deaths reported in Cooke County during the pandemic.

The growth of those totals is slowing a bit, but officials told me last week that they’re aren’t sleeping on the coronavirus just because this wave appears to be cresting. That caution is merited – there is a new Mu variant that is reportedly starting to work its way through the Metroplex, just as the Delta variant did in August.

The coronavirus isn’t done with us, not by a long shot.

To me, it’s obvious that vaccination is working as it should; people aren’t getting sick like they did last year, or at least not as sick. That’s the point of vaccinations – they train your body to better fight off COVID-19, mumps, measles, flu and the like.

Get vaccinated, please.

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