The Gainesville Daily Register is in the midst of interesting times, just as you are, Dear Reader.

The Register plans to bring you more in the coming weeks and months, in the print edition and online. An essential part of that will be a Community Advisory Board made up of you and other Register readers. We’re looking for Cooke County residents who want to sound off about what they like and don’t like about the Register – no holds barred.

We have some ideas of our own; however, times change, tastes change and we want to stay ahead of those curves. Who better than you to tell us all about it?

Is there enough local government coverage, or is there too much?

Is there enough crime reporting, or too little?

Do we need more local sports?

Do we pay enough attention to Valley View or Muenster or Callisburg or Era or Lake Kiowa?

Is there too much state news?

What do you think of our opinion page?

What do you think of www.gainesvilleregister.com and the Register’s page on Facebook?

You tell us.

The board would meet monthly around Gainesville to discuss what has run in the Register in previous weeks. Board members will discuss what worked for them, what didn’t and what could be done better. The group will also generate ideas for editorials pertaining to issues confronting Gainesville and the rest of Cooke County.

There will be no bad ideas or suggestions, we guarantee it.

Contact Editor Mike Eads at meads@gainesvilleregister.com or (864) 356-1036 if you’re interested.

Tell us about yourselves (25 words or less), volunteer/ church/school activities you’re involved with, where you live and why you’re willing to give up an hour or two per month to discuss how to make the Register better.

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