Feeling the heat: Temps top 90 for most of September

Alex Durham of Gainesville holds 2-year-old Ace Griffin in her lap as they swing at the playground at Leonard Park. Durham said she took the boy to the park because she had the day off work “and it’s really nice outside.”

High temperatures in Gainesville topped 90 degrees for most of September, a National Weather Service meteorologist said as the month wrapped up Monday, Sept. 30.

The Metroplex saw record-setting heat over the weekend. Data for Gainesville is too incomplete to tell whether Cooke County experienced record temperatures, too, but residents certainly felt above-average temperatures for much of the month, meteorologist Sarah Barnes said.

“Gainesville has seen 22 days out of the 29 days so far over 90 degrees,” Barnes said based on data through Sunday, Sept. 29. “It’s only a few days in the 80s, basically.”

On average, she said, the area would normally see temperatures in the low to mid-80s at this point in the year.

NWS data recorded at the Gainesville Municipal Airport showed the mercury reached a high of 90 degrees each day Friday through Sunday, Sept. 27-29.

Rainfall for September was below average according to NWS data, Barnes said. About 2.7 inches of rain was recorded through Sept. 29, with no rain expected Monday. On average, the area sees about 4 inches over the month, she noted.

The heat is expected to continue through part of this week, according to NWS forecasts for Gainesville.

“We are expecting to cool off a little bit maybe toward the end of the week,” Barnes said. “Thursday we’ll actually see a slight chance of precipitation in Gainesville, about 30%, and cooler temperatures in the mid-80s for the high.”

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