Twelve members of the Era Volunteer Fire Department battled a grass fire at Crossen Ranch in Era after a lightning strike around 4:45 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

“It was a big fire,” Era Volunteer Fire Department member Keith Bentley said. “There was a lot of smoke.”

The grass fire burned 275 acres, Bentley noted.

“Four structures were threatened but no structures were burned,” he added.

The Crossen Ranch has a lot of cattle, but Bentley said that none of the livestock was endangered or hurt.

“It was hard to find the head of the fire to clean it up,” he continued. “The smoke was so bad it was hard to find. As hot and dry as it is, if something hits, there is something going on.”

People in the city of Rosston called the fire department because the smoke was so bad in their area, they thought there was a fire in Rosston, he added.

The volunteer fire departments that assisted Era with the grass fire were Valley View, Muenster and Slidell. Bentley said Era had four fire trucks at the scene, Valley View assisted with two trucks, Muenster had three and Slidell had one.

Bentley said the site was cleared probably around 8 p.m.


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