Gainesville City Hall

The Gainesville City Council approved an ordinance last week to raise decibel level restrictions on industrial properties.

“In our noise ordinance, we have different areas: we have our residential areas, commercial areas, rural areas. In our industrial areas, we had the decibel level at 72 and at night at 65,” explained City Manager Barry Sullivan.

“Some cities have different, but most of them are close to 85. Some of them are lower at night, but this is one of the reasons we have zoning: to separate the businesses from where people will be sleeping.”


The council also approved a deal with an apartment developer who wants to build over 700 new units.

The Chapter 380 Economic Development Agreement with Summa Terra Ventures LLC calls for an upfront payment equal to the amount that would go toward impact fees for expanding the City’s sewer capacity. 

“They plan on putting up to 760 apartment units; at this time they’re going to build 170,” explained Sullivan. “They will pay the impact fee, about $1.1 million, which that’s what the price would be for all 760….This will not only be large enough for all 760 apartments will also enable that line to carry all 850 houses from a planned subdivision on Radio Hill Road as well.

“However, if they’re gonna pay this all up front, they might not finish the 760 units for 10 or 15 years…It’s giving us the infrastructure we need, not only for their development; this actually runs all the way up to East (US) 82, and part of the lines that we’re working on down there will also impact the industrial park at the very north of town because how the lines go it ends up hitting that Southern sewer so this really does economic development for industrial area and commercial areas.”

A resolution was also approved for another Chapter 380 Economic Development Agreement with Summa Terra Ventures LLC for an incentive to rebate 40% of the city’s portion of sales tax paid by the company. Sullivan explained that this company typically purchases materials from outside of the city, so Gainesville would not receive any sales tax. This agreement provides an incentive for them to buy directly from Gainesville so that the city receives the sales tax and then in turn rebates 40% of that sales tax.

A settlement was approved between the Atmos Cities Steering Committee (ACSC) and Atmos Energy Corp, Mid-Tex division regarding the company’s 2022 Rate Review Mechanism Filing and Atmos’ requested increase of $141.3 million.

The Executive Committee, as well as ACSC’s counsel and consultants, recommend that ACSC Cities approve an increase in base rates for Atmos Mid-Tex of $115 million applicable to ACSC Cities, effective Oct. 1, 2022. This will increase the average residential rate by $4.60 (6.7%) per month and the average commercial rate by $14.34 (4.3%).

In other business, the submission of a grant for bullet-resistant shields for Gainesville police was approved.

This would provide two shields the GPD could use in high-risk situations such as a barricaded person or active shooter event.

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