Two building fires kept Gainesville Firefighters busy Tuesday. Fortunately, Fire Chief Steve Boone said no individuals were harmed during the incidents.

Around 1:41 p.m., Gainesville Firefighters were called to 1301 Lynwood Street where a home and vehicle had caught on fire.

“Apparently the owner’s son pulled his vehicle partially in the garage and went inside,” said Boone. “About 10 minutes later, he said he noticed a fire coming from the vehicle.”

The vehicle’s engine was fully engulfed in flames which spread to the eve of the garage and part of the home’s attic, added Boone.

While the direct cause of the vehicle fire is still unknown, Boone said the owner of the vehicle said he had noticed it had been smoking for a while. The vehicle was totaled in the fire.

Other damages caused by the fire were minor caused by smoke and water to the garage and the back part of the home’s kitchen.

At 10:22 p.m., firefighters were called to another building fire this time at 1001 Lawrence Street.

The location of a welding shop, Boone said the owners had been working inside the building until about 4:30 p.m. While they did tell firefighters later that they had smelt something strange, after looking around the shop they did not see any fire and decided to go ahead and go home for the night.

However later that night, neighbors of the building reported a fire at the location to the Gainesville Fire Department.

“A welding shop is full of...oxygen bottles, propane bottles and those kind of things which were exploding and going off as we entered the building,” said Boone. “That kind of makes it more difficult to do what we need to do because we needed to clear the neighbors and those sort of things for their safety.”

The bottles, added Boone, were like missiles as they exploded inside the shop. Fortunately, the fire went out “pretty easy,” said Boone. However the damage inside of the shop was rather extensive due to the “very expensive welding machines and equipment” which were damaged in the fire.

“The fire basically gutted the inside of the entire shop,” said Boone.

Cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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