Marchers protesting against racial injustice walked from B.P.Douglas Park to the Cooke County Courthouse on Sunday evening. The Aug. 2 protest organized by PRO Gainesville called for removal of the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument from Cooke County Courthouse grounds. It drew around 60 participants and 30-40 counter-protesters, Gainesville Police Chief Kevin Phillips estimated. Some participants in both groups open-carried rifles. Some counter-protesters wore yellow scarves or bandanas identifying themselves as affiliated with the 3% Republic of Texas. A spokesman said they were from the group’s Zone 3, a 10-county region including Cooke County. GPD and Cooke County Sheriff’s deputies were out in force and the Texas Department of Public Safety monitored the area via helicopter. Most protesters had left the area shortly after 8 p.m. GPD did not take any enforcement actions and Phillips said he wasn’t aware of any taken by the other two law enforcement agencies.